can i copy cds from one disc drive??

  Mitul123 18:23 06 Oct 2005

i have a laptop and 1 disc drive and no cd copier so if i want to copy cds cant i copy the orignal cd and then put a new dics in and paste it there and burn????

  SOREBLADE 18:25 06 Oct 2005

Let me get this straight you have no CD burner??

  Mitul123 18:26 06 Oct 2005

yes i have a cd burner.

  Gongoozler 18:28 06 Oct 2005

As far as I know this is quite possible. In Nero if you set the source and destination drives to be the same (and you have no option if there's only one drive), you simply don't have the option to "Quick Burn", and so an image of the source cd is written to the hard drive first.

  SOREBLADE 18:29 06 Oct 2005

Oh EASY look in your CD burning software and find the option that lets you do that. What CD burning sotware are you using??

  Mitul123 18:31 06 Oct 2005

not sure , im using the laptops software(toshiba), it was already installed
thanks anyway

  SOREBLADE 18:33 06 Oct 2005

OK Copy all the data on the CD to you hard drive (Just copy and paste)and then copy that to your CD drive it'll then come up with write these files to CD and your done!

  Gongoozler 18:34 06 Oct 2005

Whatever the software, it should have an option to specify the source and destination drives.

  SOREBLADE 18:36 06 Oct 2005


  Mitul123 18:36 06 Oct 2005

all that looks fab! ill give it all a go.

  Stuartli 18:56 06 Oct 2005

Even if you have a CD/DVD-ROM drive and separate rewriter, creating an image file first on the hard drive delivers superior quality to copying on the fly.

It's the method I've always preferred.

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