can I connect my wireless network wirelessly?

  Pete1951 08:54 11 Oct 2005

I've just got my D-link DSL-904 wireless router kit - is it possible to set this up wirelessly rather than using an ethernet connection? I can't find a way to do this in the (very complicated!) instructions. Simple instructions would be appreciated (as I'm an electronics engineer rather than IT...).

  mgmcc 10:06 11 Oct 2005

Many wireless routers do require that the initial configuration is done with a "wired" connection.

It's a "chicken & egg" situation - you cannot connect wirelessly because it isn't configured, and you cannot configure it because you cannot connect. Hence, the need to set it up initially using a wired ethernet connection.

  Pete1951 10:13 11 Oct 2005

Thanks mgmcc. So I have to use my laptop with an ethernet connection to set the router up, then set up wireless connections from/to the laptop & my desktop after it's set up?

  mgmcc 13:21 11 Oct 2005

It doesn't matter whether you use the Desktop or the Laptop for the initial configuration via ethernet connection. You want to get internet access working reliably, then get the "wireless" connection working with the second PC and finally change the first PC from "wired" to "wireless". If the router is beside the desktop PC, there may be no merit in running that "wirelessly" anyway as it doesn't need the portability of a laptop.

  Forum Editor 13:52 11 Oct 2005

you use to connect to the router for the initial setup, but you must do it via an Ethernet cable - normally supplied with the router. This is because you have to download details of your ISP login to the router's firmware, so it can login automatically, each time it's turned on.

Once the initial configuration is complete you can remove the Ethernet cable if you wish.

  Pete1951 18:34 11 Oct 2005

Thanks all for your help.

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