can I connect my laptop to my television to view photo's

  hymerman 16:08 22 Dec 2012

I would like to display my photo's to the family on the television is this possible

  lotvic 19:27 22 Dec 2012

To swap the display from your laptop to the tv (or any external monitor) you use the Fn key and press F5 on your keyboard

  hymerman 10:27 24 Dec 2012

Thanks for response I have an Acer Travel Mate 5720 laptop with a S-video/tv out (NTSC/PAL)port. I have obtained a lead to connect with the TV. But still no pictures, I have used the Fn and F5 but they have no effect

  difarn 12:38 24 Dec 2012

Have you followed these steps.

Step # 1 -- Open Control Panel First of all go to the start menu and open up the control panel from the list.

Step # 2 -- Open Control Panel In this window you will see a number of options related to your computer's performance and settings. Look for the "Appearance and Personalization" option from the list and click on it to open.

Step # 3 -- Adjust Screen Resolution Under the "Display" category, you will see the option "Adjust screen resolution". Click on this option to open it.

Step # 4 -- Extend Your Display Before this step, we assume that you have already connected your computer with your television set. Most of the modern TV sets are available with a Video Graphic Array i.e. VGA connection port. Attach all the peripherals accordingly.

In this window, click on the "Detect" button to search all available displays. If your TV is properly connected then it should reflect a second screen on the main display. The model name of your television set will be available in the "Display" option. In the picture below you can see that it is available as "LG TV". Now select the resolution according to your TV requirement and select the "Landscape" mode next to the "Orientation" label.

After adjusting these options, click on the "Extend these displays" option besides the label "Multiple displays". Click on the "Apply" button which is available at the bottom of the screen to save all these settings.

Once completed successfully, you would easily be able to use your television as a second monitor

YouTube video here

  lotvic 00:16 25 Dec 2012

Have you changed the channel on the tv to 'computer' or whichever channel your tv uses for that input.

Which tv do do you have? on mine I have to choose 'PC' from the 'Source' menu.

  lotvic 00:20 25 Dec 2012

ps: I use a vga lead to connect to tv's vga socket.

I notice you say you are using S-video/tv out (NTSC/PAL)port ?

  hymerman 16:31 25 Dec 2012

Thanks for your assist guy's Unfortunately is an old one like me (76), but I will apply your collective advice and let you know how i get on

  lotvic 00:24 29 Dec 2012

Check your settings as per this tutorial:

Start Menu, select Control Panel and then open the Appearance and Personalization menu. Select Connect an external display from the Display menu. Make sure the display is duplicated on the TV, rather than being used to extend the desktop of your PC.

Read more:

  woodchip 12:20 29 Dec 2012

Right Click Desktop/Properties/Settings/Advanced/ If you can see two Monitors or not look for a drop down that allows for Dual Monitor

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