Can I connect LCD tv to PC wirelessly?

  JEFoord 19:27 07 Sep 2007

Hi, Ihave just bought a sony bravia lcd tv. it has a vga port on the back of it and i have successfully connected a vga lead from the tv to a laptop and my desktop. What i would really like to do is some how get rid of the lead. With kids about and quite a chunky lead which cant be put under the carpet.

Does anyone know of a device that can do this?
I have googled for a few days with no luck.
the thoughts i had were - if a laptop can draw video from a desktop via a wireless network, is there a way to make the tv part of the network?

a wireless keyboard and mouse has a small recieving box connected to a usb, so, is there a box that can connect to the tv via the vga port and maybe that signal could be picked up?

Please let me know if you have any ideas.

Many thanks


  woodchip 19:31 07 Sep 2007

You must be joking. most cannot connect it with a Cable

  JEFoord 19:33 07 Sep 2007

I just cant see why it isn't possible because of the technology available.

  woodchip 19:37 07 Sep 2007

They provide for the masses

  JEFoord 19:39 07 Sep 2007

do you not think there would be a huge interest if it could be done?

  woodchip 19:47 07 Sep 2007

Yep me I would like to see less wire's. You should see under my desktop and also TV. Battersea power station does not have as much as me. But I think it will be a long time coming to get rid of them

  JEFoord 19:51 07 Sep 2007

Well, at least i have learnt why i couldn't find anything on google! the other that i haven't looked into yet is a guy at my work said you can get vga to rj45 convertors and thus i could have an rj45 lead under the carpet instead of a fat vga lead. have you any knowledge about these convertors?

  woodchip 19:57 07 Sep 2007

No idea what he is talking about. they are for two entirely different things rj45 is for Lan Ethernet cable to connect a BB modem, VGA is just plain Graphics cable. It's also SVGA not VGA, SVGA superceded it long ago

  JEFoord 20:01 07 Sep 2007

what is the difference between vga and svga? - i just thought it meant shielded.

  woodchip 20:11 07 Sep 2007

Not sure other Than stands for Super, look click here

As also, you will see a lot use the term IDE drive, this is short for the last time it was updated to EIDE the E stands for Enhanced. It's a bit like they stick all those badges on card LIKW TDI for Turbo Diesel Injection, a Diesel cannot work if it's not Injection so why do they put it on? to sell cars as people think WOo TDI. We live in a funny old world where people follow others and don’t think for themselves

  ambra4 20:31 07 Sep 2007


Check out this site out you might find what you looking for

Wireless PC to TV Video Converter

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Creative Labs Sound Blaster Wireless Music streaming

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