ZEROTOLERANCE 19:30 02 Jun 2004

I Have a problem, the MY MUSIC folder has grown so large that my hard drive is almost totaly full,

my question is can i use win- zip to crush the my music folder so as it takes up less space, or should i do them each singly? or is it (as i suspect) not possible to compress mp3 audio files or folders??

i await the experts knowledge.


  Dan the Confused 19:34 02 Jun 2004

I zipped a single mp3 once and it hardly made any difference. It might make a small difference if you have a large number of them but I doubt it will save much disk space.

  THE TERMINATOR 19:41 02 Jun 2004

The simple answer is yes, you can zip the my music folder. But you can only do this if you have enough space on your drive to do so. Wouldn't it be better burning all your mp3's to cd audio or data disk. To be honest the space saved wouldn't be worth it to zip this folder, and as your drive is nearly full it would be better removing them all or at least the ones you don't need.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 19:49 02 Jun 2004

ok thanx, (the size of the folder is 4gb)
i guess its down to a few hours burning

  ZEROTOLERANCE 23:49 02 Jun 2004

I HAVE JUST BEEN GOING THROUGH THINGS AND I NOTICED THAT THERE IS LIttle box you can tick that says compress drive, would this make a better difference to the space, is it worthwhile?

  TomJerry 00:01 03 Jun 2004

You cannot reduce size by compressing MP3 files and also wave files. Mp3 is compressed format, even go beyond it, it is actually lossy method of reducing file size by throw away some information. This means that you cannot get the exactly the same wave file when you "compress" a wav file to mp3 file and "uncompress" back. This is not the same as zip which is lossless compress method, i.e. you can get back original.

The original wav files (ripped from CD) cannot be compressed by any lossless compression method.

If a music file can be compresses, why clever people invent mp3 in the first place.

Of course, you can re-encode mp3 file using low bite rate to reduce file size. But you loss quality by doing this.

  woodchip 00:03 03 Jun 2004

Get a bigger drive

  TomJerry 00:05 03 Jun 2004

Do some backup quickly. 4gb mp3, must be a lot of music. What will you do if your HDD just pop?

  ZEROTOLERANCE 00:35 03 Jun 2004

yes i know ineeed to buy a bigger HD
TomJerry, i have got a bacup of the folder but obviously thats 8gb of stuff, it looks like the new HD is best option. Shoot

  Dan the Confused 23:23 03 Jun 2004

Do you mean you have a backup folder of your mp3s on the same drive? If so, I would delete it as it seems a bit pointless and a waste of 4gb.

  ZEROTOLERANCE 01:06 04 Jun 2004

yes that is what i meant, but if i scrub that how SHALL i bac it up?

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