Can I change the order of boot-up programs?

  stlucia 12:30 07 Jun 2005

When I boot up (XP Home Edition, SP2), the icons in my quick-launch toolbar appear in the following order: Broadband internet connection (2 vertical green arrows), other plug-in connection (1 horizontal green arrow, presumably because I've got a USB hub), speaker volume, AVG, then Kerio firewall.

Since I've installed SP2 I've occasionally had a message, prior to the AVG and Kerio icons coming up, saying that my computer may be at risk because I've no firewall.

This made me think, is there any way I can instruct Kerio and AVG to load before my broadband connection does?

  stlucia 11:17 19 Jun 2005

I know I can unplug my modem, and only plug it in after everything else has loaded. But is there no electronic way of achieving this?

  User-312386 11:22 19 Jun 2005

this has been a bug bearer over time (going back to windows 95)

The short answer is No

However, there may be programmes that can do this although i have never seen one

  Joe R 11:24 19 Jun 2005


click here

  Belatucadrus 12:50 19 Jun 2005
  stlucia 09:03 20 Jun 2005

Thanks guys. I'll try the boot.ini route first, then Startright if tweaking boot.ini doesn't work (or I can't make it work).

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