can I change my operating system

  lightbulb1 12:16 01 Feb 2011

I have had a HP Notebook for about a year now the operating system is Windows 7. I have tried and tried to get to grips with this system and I just don't like it. I would love to go back to Windows XP which I know and love plus use Outlook Express e-mail program (which I cant do with W7) is it possible to buy a disc and load XP?

  bremner 13:15 01 Feb 2011

You can but you need to make sure you have all the XP drivers required for the machine before starting.

  Terry Brown 14:46 01 Feb 2011

I don't think you can legally buy an XP disk now, as Microsoft will not licence new installations.
If you have an old copy of XP, that has already been licenced, provided it is a full version and not an OEM (Tied to one machine), it should be OK.

Depending on the Windows 7 version you have, you may be able to download a patch to run XP on your machine while leaving Windows 7 intact.

I have not tried this link (do so at your own risk)

click here


  BT 17:41 01 Feb 2011

still have a few copies of XP professional left

click here

  bremner 18:53 01 Feb 2011

Still available on Amazon Marketplace click here

  rdave13 21:45 01 Feb 2011

You'll regret it.
flofogarty, once you get to grips with 7 and download Windows Live 2011 then you won't look back.
Not so different to outlook or xp.

  lightbulb1 22:04 01 Feb 2011

sounds like I need to keep trying Dave, but i hate it!

  DippyGirl 00:35 02 Feb 2011

I would endorse rdave13, but sympathise. I felt (feel) the same about vista - but its a different fish, and its bashing has been done to death
- I just switched off as much as I could to make it xp, but all the things that moved were a bit of a pain.

Tried the Windows7 beta and loved it (its what vista should have been), but I begrudge paying for an upgrade. I dual boot between Ubuntu and vista now, but am am finding fewer reasons to use vista.
If I had W7 I probably wouldnt have been tempted... keep plugging away it will be worth it.

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