Can i change my internal hard drive ?

  Ma$on 14:05 25 Jan 2018

I broke a hard drive on my laptop and it doesnt work! Can I boot via USB, through an external hard disk on another PC? Which external hard disk is better? i was thinking about the DW316 slim and there are other models. Do you think it can work?

  wee eddie 14:20 25 Jan 2018

Simple answer is "No"

  Govan1x 15:26 25 Jan 2018

wee eddie

Think Ma$on is a bit mixed up I think it is the disc drive he means and not the hard drive.

Maybe it is me that is confused.

  Forum Editor 23:24 25 Jan 2018

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  Ma$on 07:59 26 Jan 2018

Govan1x,yeah you're right,i messed up! It's about disk drive

  Govan1x 09:13 26 Jan 2018

Cant help you with external disk drives but it is usually easy enough to change your existing one.

There is just one screw holding it in place undo that take the disk drive out and replace it with a new one.

There is no disk drive on my Notebook and one of those external drives would come in handy for me. As far as I know it is just a matter of plugging it in to your USB port to get going. Never ever tried one so cannot comment on how good they are.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:34 26 Jan 2018

Can I boot via USB, through an external hard disk on another PC?


I have an external USB disk drive (made from an old internal one and a cheap £5 case) works just like an internal one.

However you can't always boot from a disk in these external drives especially on older machines.

Tell us what laptop you have and we can tell you where to get a suitable internal disk drive and how to fit it.

  rdave13 09:58 26 Jan 2018

I'm slightly confused here lol. Is it the DVD drive we're talking about or the disk drive (hard drive)?

If we're talking about the Optical drive (DVD drive) then yes you can boot up from an external DVD drive with a Windows disk loaded if USB is selected as first in the boot order.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:50 26 Jan 2018

rdave I have a couple of laptops that will boot from USB sticks but not boot from a bootable CD/ DVD in a USB external drive.

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