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Can I buy the little plastic things under keys?

  Halmerend 18:24 28 Mar 2016

I've broken a couple of the little plastic 'frames' that sit under the keys on my Packard Bell notebook. Can I buy these from anywhere please?

  dangerus1 18:44 28 Mar 2016

You can buy keys on eBay that come with clips, I bought 3 for a Lenovo Notebook.£3 each.

  dangerus1 18:47 28 Mar 2016

Sorry, I'm reminded by my better half (who has a better memory than me) that I only bought the clips.

  Halmerend 18:49 28 Mar 2016


It's only the clips that I need as I've broken two. Any idea what I should search for as I can't find any on Ebay?

  Secret-Squirrel 18:59 28 Mar 2016

Halmerend, I've used this company before and can recommend them. You will however have to buy the complete set of parts for each affected key but they're not expensive

  lotvic 19:00 28 Mar 2016

I had a quick look and it seems you can buy the whole replacement keyboard for about £15

  Halmerend 19:52 28 Mar 2016

Thanks all. I've ordered three from the link above by Secret-Squirrel. From the USA so will take a few days to land I guess. Will let you know how I go on thanks.

  Halmerend 09:31 09 Apr 2016

Keys landed today so took about two weeks. They come assembled so you literally put them in place and carefully push down until you hear a slight click.

Keys match perfectly colour wise so I didn't bother to unassemble the new ones so that I could re-use my old keys with the new clip. Works out about 3 quid a key I think.

Thanks everyone, my notebook looks normal again :)

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