Can I buy a good Gaming PC for £600?

  Rezray 12:00 02 Jul 2012

Hey everyone,

I'm brand new to the forums but I've heard a lot of good things about this one so I thought I'd look for advice here. Here's a bit of background so you understand my question: I'm a mac user mostly, as a musician I mainly use it for Logic, and I also do the rest of my college work on it, however I'm fully aware of it's lacking in the games department. Recently a mod for the game ArmA 2 came out called DayZ, I was so happy that a zombie game like this had come out I became determined to get it.

I then discovered ArmA doesn't run on Macs, and so tried the family computer; an Acer Aspire AX3400, but after 10 hours of downloading from Steam, I found it didn't quite have the specs to run the game at a playable rate. So I decided I need a new PC, just for me, and just for gaming, with a preferred budget of £600.

I've looked around and found things that tick certain boxes with me but I have to admit I just don't know enough to make a £600 decision, I'd really like to have an Intel i7 processor or it's AMD equivalent, but the rest I have to say I don't have a clue about. If you don't think £600 is enough, please say as I can go over the budget by another few hundred, but it would mean sacrificing driving lessons for another year, and that's something I'd rather not do.

Thanks in advance, and sorry for the long post.

  KRONOS the First 12:13 02 Jul 2012

To be honest £600 is pushing it a bit, not impossible, but tricky. You do not say whether this £600 will need to cover operating system,monitor keyboard and mouse? Also apart from ArmA 2 mods what other games do you like to play?

Are you looking to future proof, though that's really a misnomer as it is pretty difficult to future proof a PC. But I assume you will be wanting the PC to be able to play games for a couple of years or so to come?

If you can provide answers to the above I will have a look about.

  Rezray 12:18 02 Jul 2012

Okay thanks for the quick reply, the £600 will need to cover an OS but nothing more than that, I've got a keyboard, mouse and 1 more PC left to cover with our anti-virus. I'd like to play the Fallout and Elder Scrolls series and maybe Guild Wars 2, but if that's going to be pushing it too much I don't mind leaving it out.

Thanks for your help, if you need to go over the budget, as I've said please do, but try to keep to that £600 as much as possible, thanks again.

  KRONOS the First 12:53 02 Jul 2012


Fusion Chimera £550 + Del.

Fusion Elixir] £599 + Del, I prefer this one better graphics card. Compare.

These both have the i5 2500K which is a fantastic chip for gaming.

Arbico Excel. £589 + Del.

Arbico Quiet. £540 + Del. I think these are OK but it has been a while since I have built myself an AMD based PC I am not sure about them.

The four PC's should have links but this site is getting more and more silly about what links can or cannot be posted. so go to Chillblast and look under Systems for under 3750. Then have a look at Arbico's website and look for the above.

  Rezray 13:26 02 Jul 2012

Okay, I'll take a look, thanks for all your help :)

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