Can i burn XVID to DVD or do i have to convert it?

  jon_hoggy 21:42 09 Feb 2006

Hi. I have an XVID video file that i tried to burn to DVD with Nero Vision Express 2. It previews fine (after i add chapters etc) then when you set it away it goes on and on and eventually i get a warning that my hard drive is nearly full, and sure enough it is and it crashes (assuming that its the temporary stuff its creating). As it played/previewed no problem i thought it would work. Should i be converting it to an avi file before burning ? Sorry i'm fairly new to the process, its just one problem after another!!

  User-312386 21:44 09 Feb 2006

No you have to either convert it to .VOB files or an ISO image

  jon_hoggy 22:51 09 Feb 2006

I wonder why the preview works then... (?) Im wanting to save it with a working menu and chapters, can i not do this with an .avi ?

  ashdav 00:28 10 Feb 2006

An AVI file is a raw video file ie. it is not compressed. It can be huge !
DivX or Xvid is a method of compressing an AVI file without too much loss of quality.
Personally I've found Nero is not too good at creating DVDs (as in videos) but is great at everything else.
I would strongly recommend you use TMPGenc plus 2.5 to convert your DVDs from your source file.
It's free for 14 days.
After this use TMPG DVD Author 1.6.
This is free for 30 days.
They can all be obtained from click here

A guide to using them is here click here

  ashdav 00:36 10 Feb 2006

Just ignore the bit that says select NTSC (tht's for the US) If you're in the UK select PAL.

  ashdav 00:45 10 Feb 2006

just to add to the fun,there's more info here click here

Not much mention of Nero by the way. Most of it is freeware.
Have fun

  jon_hoggy 07:56 10 Feb 2006

Thanks i'll check that info out. Problem is i already paid for this Nero software and guide indicates it should work. This is part of the failure report (space should not be a problem, i have 160GB free) ...
cause: 58 (disk_full)
source: _VOBS
description: There is not enough space on the disk.

DumpExceptionInformation(): Caught SEH Exception 0xe06d7363 during encoding
DumpExceptionInformation(): Exception was raised from C:\WINDOWS\system32\kernel32.dll at RVA 0x0001eb33

cause: 128 (nmc_processing_exception)
source: _VOBS::DoGuardedProcessing ()
description: Exception during encoding

***END: _VOBS - Process VOB
***END: _VOBS - Process Create
***END: _DVDBase - Create VTS
DVDENGINE exception caught.

  jon_hoggy 10:14 10 Feb 2006

<bumping up>
Anyone had any experience of this or any explanation why it wont work ?

  BigMoFoT 13:22 10 Feb 2006

xvid's and avi's are huge when you convert them in their raw format - what tmpgenc and other programs will do is seperate the audio and video, convert and then put it all back together. Even tho you have 160GB free Nero will need to create temporary files when encoding which is where your 160Gb goes - when it's finished it deletes the temp files.

Use the programs as suggested here to convert and burn. Even tho you've paid for Nero all of it's other features will mean you wont have wasted any money. :-)

  User-312386 17:42 10 Feb 2006

how big is your hard drive and how much space do you have left?

Also how much ram have you got?

  jon_hoggy 18:00 10 Feb 2006

Madboy, my hard drive capacity is 160GB in total and i have 1 GB of RAM. Is 160GB not enough ? i thought it would be ample when i bought the pc, but i hadnt done any research into these things.

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