Can I Boot From CD then Fix External Drive?

  jimforrest 13:56 14 Oct 2013

Although this question is related to an ongoing thread, it is probably worth a separate entry as it is a thread in itself. Avid readers will know I have a damaged HDD from a Samsung laptop. The laptop now has a new HDD with Win7 re-installed from an .iso. I still need to recover files from the original HDD if poss. Advisors from PCA have guided me through using Testdisk (which I keep messing up) and now Paragon's Rescue Kit which I've found simple instructions for (it burns a CD which you bung in the drive and boot from). The question is - can I boot from the CD and then get the rescue prog to look at Drive F (the damaged HDD in a caddy) rather than Drive C? Otherwise I'll have to swap the drives over (again).

  xania 14:03 14 Oct 2013

If the CD is bootable, then yes, although this will probably boot directly into Paragon, and you may be able to access your damaged HHD from there. Certainly, you should do no damage trying this option.

  jimforrest 15:31 14 Oct 2013

Thanks Xania - I'll give it a try (after I've taken an image of the good C Drive just in case!) I'll let you know how I get on.

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