Can I be notified if I have Hotmail?

  Chris the Ancient 14:16 28 May 2009

For various reasons, I have opened a Hotmail email account.

Is there an easy way of being notified that I have mail? I have Mailwasher Pro, but although there is an option to check Hotmail, it isn't allowed with a free account.

I don't have (I 'killed' it) Messenger and I don't really want to use that.

Anyone no a fix or fudge?


  Technotiger 15:04 28 May 2009

I know you are well able to Google for yourself, but anyway click here

  Chris the Ancient 15:38 28 May 2009

I did Google - but must have not asked the right question ;-((

Shall look into those.



  AL47 15:39 28 May 2009

i set up thunderbird to deliver my hotmail messages to my desktop,

  Si_L 15:44 28 May 2009

Do you have Firefox? If so there is an add-on that does the job, its called Webmail Notifier, click here to download it and if you need to download Firefox then click here

  Chris the Ancient 16:37 28 May 2009

Trawled through the links Technotiger offered. There were some 'less than successful' programmes!

However, have loaded Pop Peeper and that seems to be doing the job quite successfully - so I'm sticking with that (for now)

Si_L good link, but it looks as though it is only operational while you are in Firefox (which I use)? Buts as Pop Peeper is working...

Thaks for the ideas.


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