Can I backup & restore 'Documents and Settings'?

  splinternet 19:40 26 Jul 2003

I need to reinstall XP. Can I simply backup everything in 'Documents & Settings' then restore to the freshly rebuilt system?

  Ken Ju-On 19:46 26 Jul 2003

Yes, I believe it's as simple as that. If the destination system is XP then it should be. :)

But why would you want to backup? I think an ordinary reinstall of the operating system wouldn't delete any files present, although your startup menu settings would be erased. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  Ken Ju-On 19:49 26 Jul 2003

"... your startup menu settings would be erased." That depends on the type of install though. When I perform a "clean" reinstall, my start menu settings were completely erased, but all other files remained intact.

  splinternet 22:15 26 Jul 2003

>>But why would you want to backup?<< There seem to be a lot of files (e.g. My Documents, My Pictures, etc...) which I don't want to lose. I'm doing a reset of my PC to the state it was in when it was delivered to me ... from something called a Reload/Backup CD. I assume that all my data and applications will be lost. Hence why I'm wondering if I can just backup Documents & Settings and reload everything when I've reset my PC.

  crimbo 08:56 27 Jul 2003

Try using the files and settings transfer wizard, and pointing the location for the copy to a different partition from your C drive. then when you want to restore, point it back again

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