Can i add a bigger hd to 98se

  CHAIRLEG 23:36 20 Dec 2005

I have been given an old computer with windows 98se system I am only just getting to grips with computers and am hoping to be able to use this comp to practice on.What I would like to know is,the comp comes with no disk and the comp keeps asking for it and there are loads of files missing and the DVD ROM doesn't work properly.
If i buy a new 98se disk would I be able to do the following.
Put in a bigger HD current one 1.99 GB
Add more memory current 128mg
And load with new disk
PENTIUM II 266mhz Processor
Be very gratefull for any advice.

  ACOLYTE 23:54 20 Dec 2005

You can add,if memory serve's upto 2Gb of ram to win 98 pc's but there is a bug in the memory managment and you could get problems when using more than 512Mb click here ,you can also add hard drives i think but am not sure upto 64 GiG,but you may need to update the Fdisk.exe to be able to recongnise hard drives over that click here.


  CHAIRLEG 00:12 21 Dec 2005

Thanks for your reply would I then be able to take out old HD and put new OS onto new HD or isn't it that simple.

  Sharpamatt 07:21 21 Dec 2005

I always found that 137GB was the limit, but mine seemed to work Ok with partitions below that threshold.

On some older systems you may need to chang the BIOS settings to accept this

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:10 21 Dec 2005

Memory with Win 98SE max 512mb, any more is a waste of money as window can't handle it.

If you haven't got one already make a Win98 boot disk (rescue disk) somewhere in control panel Add remove windows components (if I rember correctly)

Boot the PC with the disk in the floppy drive to check it works.

If disk OK then fit your new Hard drive (what size may depend on BIOS limitations {age of PC})

Boot from floppy select "with CD support" and format the new drive.

when drive formatted with Win 98 CD in drive tpe x:\setup (x being the drive letter of your CD remember this is pushed back one letter by the tools loaded by the floppy.)

  octal 18:04 21 Dec 2005

Yes you can add a larger hard drive, if you add one I've always found it best to partition the drive so that the operating system and all its programs are on one partition of a size about 10GB and using the rest of it for all my other files, a 30GB hard drive is quite a good one to get, 98 will handle that OK without running into problems with the drive being too big. The RAM for 98 of 128MB is plenty big enough.

Here are a few sites, the first one for a boot disk click here

This one gives details one formatting and loading the operating system click here

This site is really useful for trimming up Windows 98 click here

And lastly, you can cut a lot of the bloat from Windows 98 click here its best to get the paid for version, you can cut down Windows 98 to about 300MB and it really flies.

  octal 18:08 21 Dec 2005

Sorry, my second link didn't work, I left the l off the end of html, try this one:

click here

  woodchip 18:12 21 Dec 2005

You could save buying a Win98se disc if the Computer is working OK. As you could get Acronis True Image to backup the disc by creating a Image, This could be copied to a bigger disc. You would then also have a backup Program you could use on any PC

  CHAIRLEG 21:50 21 Dec 2005

Like to say Thanyou to you all.This is the latest on my progress.As I said my knowledge of computers is very small and this is a chance to have a try and get a bit of better.I have now got a brand new 98se boot disk along with cd and Product key I have tried the boot disk as suggested by Fruit Bat and it works so now i need to get a new HD 30GB as suggested by octal would be ok as I am only doing this to learn.
Now I will go into the workings for the first time so could anyone tell me where I can buy a cheap 30gb HD and does it have to be a certain type,in the meanwhile I wil check out all the click heres.

  woodchip 21:58 21 Dec 2005
  CHAIRLEG 22:07 21 Dec 2005

That page shows 80GB HD will that be ok.

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