Can I adapt a 3.5" bay so I can fit a 5.25" drive?

  Muckleface 17:59 28 Nov 2003


Im going to buy a couple of SilentDrive enclosures for my HDD on my PC.

The thing is, the enclosures need a spare 5.25" drive bay to fit into - but I dont have any left!?

I have four 5.25" drive bays all in use, two 3.5 Floppy Drive bays one of which is in use, and then I have five 3.5" HDD bays of which 2 are in use.

How can i adapt the five 3.5" HDD bays so that I can fit the 5.25" silent drives into them?

Many thanks,


  Jester2K II 18:00 28 Nov 2003

with difficulty.....

  DieSse 18:03 28 Nov 2003

I think you only have to look at them to see for yourself the extreme unlikeliehood of what you are suggesting.

  DieSse 18:04 28 Nov 2003

PS - most hard drives are very quiet, and faster drives run very hot. I would question the wisdom of insulated drive enclosures.

  athol49 18:21 28 Nov 2003

What is in your 4 5.25" bays?

Could you move anything from them into the spare 3.5" bays

  Muckleface 18:32 28 Nov 2003

I have 3 optical drives (DVDRW, CDRW and DVDROM) and then a fan control unit in the fourth.


  Jester2K II 18:39 28 Nov 2003

Why have all 3 CD Drives? Surely the DVD-RW does the same function as the other two??

  Muckleface 18:44 28 Nov 2003

I have the CDRW becuase its faster at writing CDR/RW than my DVDRW, and I have the DVD ROM so that I can copy a DVD directly without going via my HDD.

But yeah, I can see your point, guess I just got carried away with drives!

Well if modding the case to fit more 5.25" isnt realy an option I guess Im going to have to have a little bit more of a think.

Thanks for your help anyways :)


  Big Elf 18:59 28 Nov 2003

Bigger case?

  Indigo 1 19:54 28 Nov 2003

External drives?

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