Can I access my first posting ever?

  Newuser38 19:14 22 Dec 2003

I just went into my postings to check when I first posted. It still says savour all you postings but I seem to be be able to access only the last 76 or since Jan 2003.

Is there a bar on going further back now??

  Irishman 19:18 22 Dec 2003

Same here. Only back to Jan?

  spikeychris 19:21 22 Dec 2003

Post prior to 1/1/03 have been culled.

  Djohn 19:24 22 Dec 2003

Yep! they were trimmed down a couple of weeks back. To give more room on the server and make the forum search engine more efficient. all Threads now start from Jan. 03

  roy 19:24 22 Dec 2003

Snap!! I only found this out yesterday when I wanted to refer to the advice given to me on a networking problem. Fortunately I cracked the problem.

  Forum Editor 19:26 22 Dec 2003

but our archive was getting huge, too huge in fact, and the poor server was groaning under the effort of having to carry that load. In an effort to speed things up (successfully as it happens) we decided to cull the databases.

We haven't destroyed the data - it's still there on our archive - but we've limited the loading as far as the forum is concerned.

  Newuser38 21:48 22 Dec 2003

Thanks, I guessed that would be the answer, but having been out of circulation for a bit I must have missed the announcement.

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