can a graphics card ouput sound......

  iqs 18:18 27 Jun 2014

Hi, I have my media PC connected via HDMI. Its using the Intel i3 graphic chip. If I buy a graphics card,can I still output the sound via the HDMI cable to the TV? thank you

  aquatarkus 18:36 27 Jun 2014

Hi there

Most graphics cards with HDMI connection can out put sound over HDMI, i think there are some Nvidia ones that can't but think there is a chart on the Nvidia site that lists the features of all their current cards.

What are you trying to improve with a separate graphics card, if all you want to do is play back blue-ray movies (either rips or the physical disks) then the integrated graphics on he i3 will be fine.

I'm not sure about 3d play back with the i3 but have no issues with using my AMD A8 5600k playing back 3d movies using TMT6.

If you want to get one to improve game performance then yes a good quality (expensive) separate graphics card will be better but you then will have to think about a bigger power supply and maybe improved cooling and with that then comes noise. Regards Aquatarkus

  iqs 19:49 27 Jun 2014

Hi, The integrated graphics does work like a dream,but Im looking for a low-profile card,for a media case,for playing games(not new releases) as well. Ideally im looking to spend up-to £50

The i3 works well for DVD/Blu Ray playback ,but s few games have refused to install due to the lack of dedicated graphics


  wee eddie 19:57 27 Jun 2014

I hate to be negative but, a £50 Graphics Card is unlikely to open up a huge field of Games that are not already available to you.

  aquatarkus 21:07 27 Jun 2014

Hi there

Agree with wee eddie, a £50 graphics card is going to be no better than the integrated graphics on the i3.

To make an improvement and be able to play games that you can't with the i3 then you really should be looking for something like these

click here however that these are not low profile and require a decent power supply. I'm not aware of any gaming cards that are low profile.

Think you might need to decide if you want an HTPC or a gaming machine that can be used to play movies.

Regards Aquatarkus


  iqs 12:14 28 Jun 2014

Thank you both for the help & the links,much appreciated

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