Can' get rid of this virus.

  dads3a 09:43 20 Apr 2006

I keep getting a virus saying it is in this file;


Can,t get rid of it. I,ve ran Avg,Spybot,Lavasoft,CC Cleaner and turned off System Restore in case its in there but it keeps coming back.

Any idea where I can find the file above.

Thank you

  dads3a 09:47 20 Apr 2006

Its a Trojan Horse Dialer BPL if thats any good to anyboy

  dogbreath1 10:11 20 Apr 2006

It's a subject which interests me greatly and one which I have spent many hours reading about. I have also had call to use a number of specialist forums over the years to help clean up PC's of friends and family.

Without wishing to offend anyone, I have concluded that one such site stands out head and shoulders above the rest. If you want excellent and timely assistance, don't hesitate to register at click here and post your problem on the English Help board.

It's a German site and if you'll pardon the stereotype, it displays typical German efficiency. Simply superb.

  vinnyT 10:20 20 Apr 2006

This site, click here, has the following advice;

How to fix win???.tmp infection
Scan your computer using Hijackthis. After scan locate line O20 - Winlogon Notify: winzdn32 - C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\win???32.dll. ??? is replaced with any 3 symbols. Go to C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\, find win???32.dll file and rename it adding .txt extention (win???32.dll.txt). Restart the computer.

Hope this helps.

  dads3a 10:52 20 Apr 2006

line 020 was called


I,ve renamed it to


Would this be correct

  SANTOS7 10:58 20 Apr 2006

click here
I would post your problem to a dedicated forum such as the one in the link, changeing system files and registry entries if done wrongly may do more harm than good...

  dogbreath1 13:08 20 Apr 2006

There's a number of issues here. First off you've acquired an infection. Secondly, by implication, there may be other nasties on your PC which aren't quite so evident but which may be sapping resources and effectively slowing down your PC or may be dialling 'home' and breaching your privacy.

You need to take the opportunity to have your PC checked out and cleaned and to take expert advice on how to prevent a recurrence. I don't want to make this thing sound overly complicated coz it isn't. But by the same token, what the experts do is not 'smoke and mirrors' stuff but helps get you back on the right foot by putting your PC in good health and hopefully, by following good practice, keeping it there.

It's clearly your choice on what to do next...but ponder this, if your car needed attention, you'd hopefully take it to a reputable mechanic and not mess about with a half baked strategy devised by the local handy man.

Again, no offence to the good folk on here, but PC security is imo a whole field in it's own right and should be left to those guys who are attending to it day in and day out.

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