Can get e-mails but can't send them

  JACC 16:32 08 Jul 2004

I've just formatted my hd and had to retrive my BB account. Did that ok , had a carry on with my e-mail addresses but got that sorted ,but now find that i can receive e-mails but can't send them .What should my account be,INCOMING POP 3...should it be or com ?
OUTGOING SMTP... or com ?

  jhm 16:35 08 Jul 2004 and

  sicknote 16:37 08 Jul 2004
  Charence 16:39 08 Jul 2004

have you checked your firewall settings to see if they permit outgoing connection?

  jhm 16:43 08 Jul 2004

Just a thought-if you have Freeserve installation disc use it to retrieve account details. Freeserve still in use although now owned by Wanadoo

  HauxtonPhil 17:51 08 Jul 2004

I had a similar problem with Freeserve on a Dial Up - the solution was that the phone line had to have 1481 (I think) in front of it to enable Freeserve to identify the caller (CLI). I don't know if that is still the case with a BB connection, but could be worth checking out with Wanadoo

  Wilham 18:00 08 Jul 2004

About six months ago I had trouble,-I could receive but not send email. I didn't find out straight away because OE falsely listed my outgoing emails as sent.

Help on this forum pointed a finger at my Norton2003 which I'd set to virus scan my emails ,- both in and out.
It seems I overacted in adding Norton updates at the mere mention of a new virus, and in time the overweight Norton2003 took more time to check outmail than was allowed for by Outlook Express.

It seemed plausible,.... I dropped the outgoing check, and outgoing emails since cause no further bother.

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