Can a form submit to more than one mail account?

  ade.h 17:32 29 Jan 2006

If I wanted to allow users a choice of email accounts to submit to - ie, one for new clients and one for existing ones - can that be done? It seems a bit clunky to have a seperate form for each email address.

  Forum Editor 23:51 29 Jan 2006

but how do you want it to be done?



post back and I'll try to be more helpful.

  ade.h 00:13 30 Jan 2006

Hi FE, thanks for your interest.

I'm not sure what method should be used really. At the moment, I have two seperate forms for each of my addresses - new clients and existing clients in this case - and they have been designed in NOF using the ready-coded form handler, which may be Javascript I think. The whole site was designed by a professional two years ago, but has not had email forms on it until now.

To be honest, my biggest concern at this time is that the form handlers don't work. I've published them to my server and when I fill the fields and hit Sumbit, it transports the field data into my mail client. The handler worked once, ages ago, on the same server, so I can only think it's something in the form design. I have since taken them off my site and gone back to mailto links, as it does not look very professional to have a duff website.

I did post about this issue recently, but didn't get much feedback. Someone suggested that I learn PHP, but I didn't think that was very helpful as I'm not really at that level of knowledge.

  ade.h 00:14 30 Jan 2006

Got to log off now, but I'll check this thread tomorrow evening.

  ade.h 18:01 01 Feb 2006


  djinn 00:22 02 Feb 2006

Not perhaps the answer to your question but an alternative that might work for you.

Create a radio button or checkbox in your form for existing cutomers to click and then filter your mail accordingly within your e-mail client.


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