Can faulty ram cause pc shut down

  ACOLYTE 17:09 13 Nov 2005

I have ruled out the CPU sempron 2800+,now i am wondering if faulty ram or even gcard could cause pc to shut off,leaving fans running but no power to printer modem, and the like.

  flyingbrit 17:19 13 Nov 2005

In a word yes, do you have more than one stick of ram in? if you have try taking one out(with power off first)to see if that works, if it doesn't put that one back in and take other out, try that. If that doesn't work change slots, try all combinations. It could be that a slot in your mobo is dickie.

  woodchip 17:22 13 Nov 2005

yes but the psu may be too small this would do the same

  ACOLYTE 10:16 14 Nov 2005

I was wondering about the PSU,but it is a 400w psu and has run things ok can changing the CPU make that much difference in the PSU?,nothing else has changed in the pc.
Its a wierd error because i can use the pc for ages without any problems then i can use it for 5 minutes and off it goes.

  woodchip 15:38 14 Nov 2005

It can if you have changed to one of the newer AMD64's but would think it's enough with the sempron above. you could try removing power cables from CD DVD drives just to test it. Plus if you have the newer Graphics card's these need a lot of power

  greenlamp 16:21 14 Nov 2005

If you have an old MSDOS boot up disk the memory checking was a lot more thorough than during Windows Boot up. I found this out a couple of years ago, when geting lots of stange reboots and system errors I thought I would install windows 3.1 [installed through msdos] to get a pressing job done. The msdos checks showed up and pinpointed a ram error that windows was ignoring completely.

  ACOLYTE 19:07 14 Nov 2005

The problem with testing is it doesn't happen all the time,i have had the PC on all day nearly today and not a problem anywhere,then i could turn it off and on again and 5 minutes later its gone,its to unpredictable.Im not to sure about installing W3.1,but i did run memtest and that came back clean no errors found with the ram.
The Gcard is a FX5700 and has been running perfect till this,one thing i have noticed in checking the pc,is that the graffix driver is not
now WHQL signed,and i know for a fact it was when i installed it,but i cant see that making the pc go off,its like it goes into standby mode,still powered up but nothing works.

  ACOLYTE 11:05 15 Nov 2005

Made a little discovery when i booted this morning,at first boot i get to the desktop then after say 2/3 mins the pc shuts off like before.But if i turn it on again after it stays on all day at least it did this yesterday,so is it possible something needs to get warm to stay on
i have never had this before.
How do i find out what causes this?.

  Al94 11:18 15 Nov 2005

Not sure which memtest you used click here
identified a memory problem with my wife's pc a few months ago which had similar symptoms.

  ACOLYTE 12:08 15 Nov 2005

I have tried the memtest86 and i cant finish the tests with it the pc turns off,and i have to reboot,i have tried 3 times and it turns off at different intervals,i guess that means the ram is knackered,lol.

  gudgulf 12:57 15 Nov 2005

I had similar symptoms with a failing graphics card (Ge force 5900)......these symptoms gradually went worse until the card failed completely.

In particulat the pc would fail to start from cold correctly..........eventually needing up to 10 goes at starting it up to get it going.Once running it would run all day, usually.

I would try this..........remove and reseat the memory sticks,the graphics card and all the connections to the hard drive(s) and cd/dvd drives.Same for all the IDE and power connectors to the motherboard.

Since it crashes when running Memtest trying a different stick of known good RAM would be good idea.

Chect the state and fitting of the mains power lead and make sure any voltagr selection or on/off switches on the back of the psu are in their proper position.

See if that makes a difference.

If not try and borrow a graphics card from another pc if you can and substitute it for your own.

Should that not be the problem then it could be a failing psu or motherboard.Look for any signs of leakage on any of the capacitors on the motherboard which might be a sign of impending here

Lastly it could be a cpu problem, but I think this is the least likely cause.

The trouble with intermittent faults is they are difficult to track down.

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