Can DVDs recorded on PC-play on Home DVD Player??

  AngeTheHippy 10:27 17 Feb 2009

Morning Chaps,

Have Googled the above problem but can't find anything.

Tried to record images (like a slide show) of Granddaughter on PC DVD recorder to play on my home DVD player. Used DVD-R discs which are compatibe with both - PC and DVD player can write to this format.

Disc wouldn't play on home DVD but would on the PC. Am I missing something please??


  Newuser939 10:33 17 Feb 2009

You have to burn the DVD as "DVD-Video" rather than just like a data file. Depending on which burning software you are using, that should be one of the options.

  skidzy 10:35 17 Feb 2009

Finalize the disc ATH.This will be in the program settings you are using.
Or if Vista,right click the cd /dvd drive in Computer and select something like (make ready).

  eedcam 10:52 17 Feb 2009

Hi use dvd flick that will make a proper Dvd video just add your slide show to it and create dvd its free no need to concern your self about finalising thats automatic .Just read the built in help section
click here

  AngeTheHippy 10:54 17 Feb 2009

software that's bundled with new Lappy.... can you maybe suggest a better one? I don't recall this one giving an option as to what burn format to choose!!

Cheers both,


  AngeTheHippy 11:05 17 Feb 2009

just d/loading it now.


  AngeTheHippy 13:02 17 Feb 2009

That was a waste of 52 minutes and a DVD-r disc..... DVD Flick certainly didn't appear to work for me... still won't play on my home DVD player. 8-( Anyone got any other tips please??


  eedcam 13:08 17 Feb 2009

If Flick made the disc and there were no errors in the log then its your player .What does the disc show when you explore it on the pc and does it play on the pc.I assumed you had already made a slide show in wmm can you confirm

  AngeTheHippy 13:13 17 Feb 2009

disc plays fine on lappy, where I created it from. Home DVD is a Panasonic DMR-E55 - yep, it IS 4+ years old but still records/plays fine from TV/professionally created DVDs. I just created the disc using Flick - using one of the templates or menu settings as they're called.

Home DVD couldn't read it. Neither could the Sony home cinema player ( I use it for the speakers, rarely dvds).


  eedcam 13:38 17 Feb 2009

Hi Ange cant see why that should happenas Flick is quite reliable and if ther are probs it would not burn Can you open the dvd on the ie explore it it should look like this when you open and then when you open the video ts folder[IMG]click here[/IMG]
[IMG]click here[/IMG]

  eedcam 13:39 17 Feb 2009

The first link is after you have opened the ts folder the second is what you will se first when you open the dvd

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