Can different users access internet independently?

  Done and dusted 17:12 23 May 2006

Running Windows XP. I control Administrator Account, 3 other users have limited accounts. Have changed Password to access internet but am 99% sure my son(limited account user) who is studying A level IT has somehow got around this. Can anyone tell me how he might have done this - in simple terms please!

  Jackcoms 18:51 23 May 2006

I'm a bit bemused by your question.

Are you saying that you wish to prevent your son (who must be at least 17) from accessing the internet unless he seeks permission from you?

If so, why?

  bosmere 20:01 23 May 2006

Jackcoms that's a bit personal!

Done and dusted could he have sussed your password?

  ade.h 20:15 23 May 2006

Perhaps he's used a (readily available) keystroke logger.

  rsinbad 21:04 23 May 2006

If keystroke logger has been used change your password using onscreen keyboard in assessories.

  ade.h 21:12 23 May 2006

All keystroke loggers are capable of recording inputs through the on-screen keyboard. This is because the on-screen keyboard's inputs go through the same route as a regular keyboard's inputs and get recorded in exactly the same way. Some people say that the on-screen keyboard provides protection, but it's a myth.

  rsinbad 21:19 23 May 2006

just a thought, there'e also a program like belarc advisor that gives hidden passwords cant remember the name

  Done and dusted 21:27 23 May 2006

Just logged back on. Interesting responses to my question! Sorry may have been misleading - not only concerned about password for internet access but also multiple other passwords on computer such as bank accounts. Notice when I do a search on files and folders, two files come up Debug and Passwd - would these be generated by a keystroke logger? Are any other filenames indicative of keystroke logging?

  martjc 21:36 23 May 2006

...but your question is still unclear. Unless it's just an academic question, can you explain the problem properly? it seems a bit mean to disallow your son full access - after all, he may need some intense info for his studies. Or do you suspect him of something nefarious?? If that's the case, you are at the wrong site!

  rsinbad 21:56 23 May 2006

martjc think you are way out of order with your comments.

done and dusted did google this re passwd not sure if its relevant click here

  Done and dusted 21:57 23 May 2006

This is developing into a thread more suitable to a problem page than a computer forum! Believe me guys I would not be asking this question unless I was genuinely concerned. I believe the keystroke logger link may have helped to answer my problem by revealing a high risk infection so thanks ade.h. I'll post another message in due course if I need more advice.

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