Can Diallers Work On NTL Cable Broadband?

  Benzo 15:20 17 Aug 2004

i am just wondering after finding a few on my PC can dialers work with NTL Cable Broadband?


Benzo Ferrari!

  mcds01 15:26 17 Aug 2004

As far as I am aware diallers will not affect broadband but if you still have a dialup modem (many computers have internal ones) then you may be affected. Can anyone clarify this?

  Chegs ® 15:26 17 Aug 2004


  Benzo 15:28 17 Aug 2004

i do have a dialup modem in both of my pc's but neither of them are connected to anything

will it be able to use the cable modem?

  Benzo 15:29 17 Aug 2004


  mcds01 15:31 17 Aug 2004

as long as ur dialup modems are not connected you will be fine!

  SEASHANTY 15:33 17 Aug 2004

No diallers can not work through the cable modem. Puzzled as to how you managed to get these diallers as you have a netgear router. Do you not also have firewalls? Run adaware and spybot search and destroy to see if that will shift them. Make sure you have no dial-up connections between your PC's and phone link.

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