Can a deleted Word document be recovered?

  griffon56 15:43 28 Feb 2018

Hi All,

I've accidentally deleted a Word 2007 doc (not doc.x) and wonder if it's hiding somewhere and can be recovered. For a long time I've been in the practice of writing successive letters by simply using the original letter space to write the new letter and then saving the result under a new name. This morning I accidentally clicked on the original letter's name as I saved and the new letter replaced the old. Can I get it back, please?

  griffon56 19:52 28 Feb 2018

Thanks Octal, I'll give it a go tomorrow. It isn't my Will or anything as serious as that but it makes a silly gap in the correspondence if it isn't there.

  griffon56 10:54 01 Mar 2018

Hi All,

I feel slightly embarrassed. Some time ago I fitted a Western Digital external hard drive with backup software, which does incremental backups at 12.00 each day. I'd forgotten about it, guess where I found the missing letter? YES. Apologies but thanks for the response, unfortunately none of it worked and all the avenues I tried are much too complex for my 85 year old memory to recall! Thanks anyway for your help.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:41 01 Mar 2018

Glad your sorted - at least you have the sense to use bakups even if the memor is going :0)

If only everyone used some form of backup then we would have a quieter life on the forum :0)

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