Can Data saved in My Documents disappear!

  [DELETED] 16:11 22 Apr 2009

I built and I service a desktop computer, for my daughter in law, who own a unisex hair salon.
It runs using Wind XP Pro, and on it she keeps all her appointments, in a file in My documents folder. She states that after some of the appointments are put into the file, which she states is clearly vizible in the appointments page, correct place, time etc. and saves the changes, on going back to the appointments list, some of the appointments are missing. I find this hard to believe, as if Data is put into a folder on the system and saved, I do not think it can be removed, without intention. I have informed her of my thoughts on several occasions, but again today she phoned me with the same complaint. As I only look after her computer as a favour, and receive nothing for looking after it, I feel that this complaint is becoming VERY monotonous. Would some kind computer specialist out there, advise me if anything could be causing this problem, and if so what. The system does get a new hard drive installed regularly. If nothing can cause this problem I just want the fact in black and white, to present to her.
Many thanks to all who offer help on my problem.

  OTT_Buzzard 16:15 22 Apr 2009

What application is she using to store her appointments in?

  Clapton is God 16:36 22 Apr 2009

"if Data is put into a folder on the system and saved, I do not think it can be removed, without intention"

And if some of her employees have malicious intention??

  Diemmess 16:52 22 Apr 2009

What program or application is being used for her "appointments book?"

Do you mean that she can go back quite quickly and find the lists intact, in which case it has to be someone who is either incompetant who is deleting or using the data incorrectly?


Is she finding that saving the info. isn't effective and is lost when she returns to look?

Normal rules may apply and that she presses Enter while the data is highlighted and this simply wipes the highlighted string.

Like her, I want to believe that this is an operator error and not a malicious interference.

  [DELETED] 17:11 22 Apr 2009

A member of her staff, who appeared to be a whiz with programmes on a computer, actually set it up some 5 years ago. The only information I can give, is that when going into my Documents, a folder appears with appointments titles, and you go into this, then select the year, then select the month, and this shows the appointments you are looking for.
Thanks for all your help.

  [DELETED] 17:18 22 Apr 2009

We are almost certainly going to have to know which program this is. How is the data input in the first place? It is possible that when trying to view the appointments after the data has been input that a query is run on the database and that the query has a flaw in it and does not return all of the appointments. They are there but not visible when you look. I am guessing because without knowing how this was setup I may be either totally wrong or right.

Is this a recent problem or does it date back throughout the 5 years?

  Diemmess 17:30 22 Apr 2009

She was lucky 5 years ago wasn't she?
This setup seems to have suited her well originally. Certainly it worked well and was understood by everyone that used it.

The problem seems to be unexpected changes made to the contents of the database. That usually happens only by human actions.

So what has changed if anything?
If your daughter-in-law has an employee who either can't avoid meddling, or worse has a malicious intent, she needs to be very careful and sure before challenging anyone.

I assume this is a single purpose machine, but if not (as most find out sooner or later) programs can become corrupt or unstable due to various happenings and sadly is no one's particular fault.

The reality of the situation is that if it is a "bad operator" they must be made to desist, but it may be high time to have a rejuvenated piece of software reinstalled if that is possible.

  iscanut 17:36 22 Apr 2009

As others have intimated, we need to know the program used in the first place to create the date. Is it Excel, Access, Word etc..Let us know and then someone may be able to offer more help or info..

  OTT_Buzzard 18:19 22 Apr 2009

"That usually happens only by human actions"

...or whenever Access is involved!

  [DELETED] 21:35 22 Apr 2009

Thanks for all your help everyone.
To input the appointments, you go into My Documents, this shows several folders, one of which is appointment book. When you click on th appointment book, it brings up a folder each for 2008 and 2009. When you go into 2009 by clicking mouse on it, it brings up a folder for each month. When clicking on the month, you then see the days and dates, which leaves you to select the date required and brings up a list of appointments. I do believe it might have been installed through Microsoft Office 2003.
This has worked perfectly for the 4 1/2 years, but she just started seeking my help for it a couple of months ago.
Thanks again for all your felp.

  OTT_Buzzard 21:42 22 Apr 2009

That's helpful info on the structure, but you really need to know what application opens up the appointments, e.g. excel, access etc

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