Can connect to home network but not internet

  reburner57 21:07 14 May 2006

I have two laptops connected wirelessly and 1 desktop wired to a linksys router. All 3 of the computers connect to the network fine but one of the laptops cannot connect to the internet. All the settings on the two laptops look identical and there appears to be nothing in the network settings that specifies why one laptop should connect and one should not. It used to work Ok but seems to have stopped for some reason. I cannot recollect changing any settings that would have caused this.

Any help much appreciated.

  howard63 21:42 14 May 2006

you do not say what op sys they are on. Look for something simple such as workgroup name changing or firewall blocking

  mammak 21:56 14 May 2006

hi having previously worked I would asume that a firewall might be the cause but as
howard63 says the workgroup name could be an issue and posting more details regarding your OS on all pcs concerend would be an advantage to fixing your problem,mammak

  reburner57 06:42 15 May 2006

All PC's are on XP home. Workgroup name is fine.
Thanks for response

  howard63 08:49 15 May 2006

has the guest account been accidently turned off. XP home needs the guest account on for networking to work.

  reburner57 16:12 16 May 2006

Guest account is fine. I'm really baffled by this. Any help much appreciated

  howard63 19:19 16 May 2006

I would look again at a firewall doing this. Which firewall is running on which piece of equipment. You also do not say how you connect ie is 1 pc connecting and you are then using internet connection sharing for the rest or do you have an adsl modem connected to the router?

  reburner57 16:41 21 May 2006

bump this is proving an annoying problem.

Guest account is turned on
connection is via an linksys router.

The laptop is showing a good connection to the home network and has identical internet connection settings to the other laptop but all i get is page cannot be displayed when I launch explorer.

Have looked at all the router settings and there is nothing that would lead me to believe one laptop should be able to connect and the other not.

  reburner57 16:42 21 May 2006

oh and no firewalls turned on except on the router

  ade.h 16:43 21 May 2006

Please respond to Howard63's question; we still need a lot more information about your client firewalls.

  reburner57 16:57 21 May 2006

the only firewall turned on is on the linksys router
There are two laptops wirelessly connected it to it and a desktop via cable. none of the pcs have firwalls turned on

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