Can CD R/W/RW drives read DVDs?

  Alan2 20:46 16 Oct 2003

I am in the market for a new drive - currently having a CD/DVD read only drive - and I've been looking at the PCA best buy MSI CR52-A2.

It does appear to be able to do everything I think I want wrt CDs but no mention is made in any DVD read capability.

Is this so with all these drives?

Or, am I missing something?


  mark500 20:52 16 Oct 2003

No it doesn't read dvd.

  leo49 20:52 16 Oct 2003

You can get CDRW drives that also read DVD's - the sony and samsung ones spring to mind.

eg click here

  Jester2K II 20:56 16 Oct 2003

LG and many others make "combo" drives (combined DVD & CDRW) but a CDRW without the DVD-ROM logo won't read DVD.

  Alan2 21:03 16 Oct 2003

You've helped me a lot there - especially Leo with the link.

I note speeds are slightly down on the CD only drives - but who'll notice?

I can shop shop around with the key word "Combo".

  06keldt 21:05 16 Oct 2003

They cannot read DVD's because they are compressed in a different way to Cds.
You can get a combo, but i would opt for a dvd/cd read only drive as you all ready have a Cd-R/RW so just replace your Cd-Rom with a DVD-Rom and a Software Decoder (usually included in the DVD package).

I hope my idvice was any use.

  Alan2 21:14 16 Oct 2003

I think you've misunderstood. My current drive is CD/DVD read only and I want to be able to burn CDs and watch the odd movie.

So, as I understand it the combo is just what I want.


  Jester2K II 21:23 16 Oct 2003

How many drives can you have because it would be cheaper and more reliable to keep the current DVD Drive and ADD a CDRW.

Combo drives are quite expensive and also seem to suffer in reliability - i seem to replace a lot of them for clients...

  leo49 21:46 16 Oct 2003

Got to agree with the Jester - you can get a top-spec 52x writer for less than half the price of a combo - assuming you've got a spare ide and space in your case.

  Alan2 21:47 16 Oct 2003

I have a problem with the current drive in that it doesn't read DVDs anymore as I think in a vain attempt to fix a problem I used up all the region code options.

So I just wanted to get a new one primarily to burn CDs but as a very very low priority read DVDs.

But to answer your question I also have an Iomega Zip drive on the same IDE cable but I can't now remember when I last used this and it would certainly be redundant when I fit a new CD drive.

I take your point about reliability and ponder a while and may perhaps just go for a CD only option.

Incidentally are current DVD drives still cursed by the region codes?

Thanks for the input.

  Jester2K II 21:59 16 Oct 2003

There are "region free" drives. Some need a firmware flash and some don't. Someone else can advise as i don't know enough other than they DO exist.

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