Can camera video images be made into pictures?

  Shortstop 14:58 02 Sep 2007


My wife took some images of our new grandson just as he was born, but it was a new camera and the images are videos, not images.

Is there any software available that will convert an image to .JPG/.JPEG so that we can get one printed? I don't know the suffix of the video as she is still in London & I am in Brighton.

The images are almost all the same, so the first frame is as good to convert as any of the others if that helps!



  woodchip 15:17 02 Sep 2007

You need a capture still from video, have you tried playing the video in media player and pause the video then press print screen key. paste the image into you photo edit program and crop the part round it out, then resave as a photo

  holme 15:18 02 Sep 2007

The quick answer is yes, using Windows Movie Maker (WMM).

However... There are four things to be aware of:

a) The format of the video file may not be recognised by WMM, in which case it's a fairly easy job to convert it from "MOV" (or whatever) to AVI to import into WMM. See click here

b) Load the video into WMM when it will appear in the Collections pane. Click on it and then use the controls in the viewer window to find a frame you want and click on the Take Picture icon (looks like a camera). Repeat as desired.

c) Because you're taking snapshots of a video, the resolution of the resultant images (as snapshots) will be much less than conventional images from the digital camera itself. They will most likely be a maximum of 640x480 pixels, or even less (depending on the camera). There's nothing you can do about that, but it does mean that prints will be limited to (say) 7x5 inches. Any larger than that and the pixelswill start showing (as 'jaggies'). Trial and error will give you the best compromise.

d) Do /not/ load the video onto WMM's timeline and take snapshots from that, as the image resolution will be even more limited (I think it's 320x240 pixels). HTH.

  holme 15:26 02 Sep 2007

My posting and woodchip's were sent about the same time! (Don't you just hate it when that happens...)

What he said is a good alternative. But note that, although by pressing the PrtScr key you will probably finish up with a much 'larger' image (e.g. 1280x1024 if that's your monitor resolution), it won't contain any more picture information that the WMM method, so will still be subject to 'jaggies' when printed out.

But it gives you a choice of snapshot methods! :-)

  woodchip 15:34 02 Sep 2007

shows, there is more than one way of skinning a cat

  Shortstop 21:26 20 Sep 2007


Left this a while as my wife has only just returned [almost 3 glorious weeks for me :o)]. For others who may search for a solution:

I have done this, but with a slight adjustment. I needed Quicktime Alternative [Free click here] to run the video as it wouldn't play on WMP and used Screenprint 32 [click here] to box in the window, paste it into MS Paint & save as a JPEG.

Will get the photos developed over this weekend, but they look alright at the moment.

Thanks for your guidance on this.



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