can anyone suggest a browser

  Optimo 11:03 24 Aug 2003

im thinking of using a new browser, currently using IE6. Could anyone put me straight on a stable browser? Im using XP home, theres no real reason its just a boredom thing and i dont usually change anything without asking questions on here first.

  -pops- 11:13 24 Aug 2003

Netscape is a reasonable easy alternative to IE.

Netscape was a bit naff for a while but it is improved now.

click here

  tenplus1 11:22 24 Aug 2003

I've always found Avant Browser to be stable and very good... It sits over IE6 and gives you lots of new features like popup stopper, one window surfing and is very fast indeed... click here

or... on the other hand, Mozilla 1.5b is available and it gives you a whole new browsing experience form the ground up (all new, doesnt use IE6 at all) and it comes with the browser, e-mail client, irc chat proggy and web composer all rolled into 1 package... click here

  Belatucadrus 11:23 24 Aug 2003

click here for a page full of options, Mozilla is pretty good now.

  Optimo 11:30 24 Aug 2003

im assuming i can still use MSN messenger with Avant am i right?

  suzie005 11:45 24 Aug 2003

never had problems with any of the browsers

  expertec 11:48 24 Aug 2003

try Opera from click here

  Optimo 11:51 24 Aug 2003

I must say i'm edging towards Avant.But will it work with MSN messenger?

  krypt1c 11:53 24 Aug 2003

I use Crazy Browser. Popup stopper, tabbed windows. click here to get it

  suzie005 11:57 24 Aug 2003

all the browsers work with it.i have messenger open at the sec and opera and avant.

  tenplus1 10:19 23 Sep 2003

Avant seems to work with everything from MSN and Yahoo! to all those damn pages that work with IE only...

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