Can anyone review this IF Statement for me?

  C_H3X 09:26 21 Feb 2018

I need it to auto-fill column G with a different outcome based on what is selected in a drop-down list in column F.

=IF(F2="Doesn't like deVere", "Had a bad experience? - Bad pint/still go to the pub", " "), IF(F2="Called all the time", "Who did you sit down with", " "), IF(F2="Why should I use deVere?", "People are unaware of their options/We are independent/Uniques products", " "), IF(F2="No Money", "More reason/Quality of life vs Retirement Planning/No tax=min 20% salary increase - vital to start now", " "), IF(F2="Has a financial adviser already", "Good - serious about finances/preferable for us/independent/unique products", " "), IF (F2=Leaving the UAE, "More pressing/Taxes on Exit", " "), IF(F2="Wants to invest in property", "Wise/part of every portfolio/2008 housing crash/Diversified portfolio - risk spreading/cash/bonds/equity/property", " ")

  Forum Editor 11:21 21 Feb 2018

I'm afraid we don't provide free IT advice for commercial use.

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