can anyone recommend a very quiet PSU?

  dimercaprol 00:59 24 Feb 2003

Has anyone got any experience of an ultra quiet PSU and if so, which model?
I have been thinking of Carillon computers, but I really don't want to spend money on a whole new system if a PSU upgrade can silence things a bit. I have a P3 1GHz with an Asus Mobo. The old unbranded PSU and case are amazingly noisy!

  jazzypop 01:42 24 Feb 2003

I bought a 400W from click here - very nice. They have all sorts of products to help quieten your PC.

  Psiman 08:12 24 Feb 2003

click here

They are very quiet. I've found the manual speed control on my 460W Enermax PSU very useful as you can eliminate resonant sound frequencies within the computer case by tweaking the fan speed.

The noisest fan in my PC now is the Zalman flower. (It's going to have to go!)

  Goldcroft 08:32 24 Feb 2003

Does anyone remember several years ago a product advertised which was a temperature controlled fan which only came on when the sensor indicated it was needed. The aim was the reduce the constant whirl of the fan. Perhaps the greater heat now emitted in today's more powerful machines has made this redundant.

  powerless 08:38 24 Feb 2003

Sorry dimercaprol PSU's arn't my thing.

But Goldcroft i found in my ASUS BIOS (A7V333) "Q fan function Control" (i think thats it) - Controls the speed of the fan dependant upon the system load.

Low Load - Low RPM - Quiet

High Load - High RPM - Noisy

Actually does make a differnce. Its disabled by default though...

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