Can anyone recommend speakers?

  Inv3rtis 13:17 24 Jan 2018

Hi, first of all I'm a total newby when it comes to this so don't hate on me please and help me out if you can :).

I want to buy speakers for my PC. I want it to be 2 speakers that look something like this 1"/> not exactly like this but you get the point, preferably with wall brackets but that's not that necessary, and I want it to also have a subwoofer. I want the subwoofer to be pretty good so that I can actually feel the bass (I like bass) and I want the speakers to have high-ish watts (I think the higher they are the higher volume?) as I want them to be fairly loud (loud enough to feel loud in my room). I want to use the speakers mainly for listening to music / watching movies as I will always be using my headset when gaming, My budget is probably under £100 but if that's too low then recommend something higher, but I would rather not spend too much on these (thinking around £50).

Thank you :).


  Inv3rtis 13:19 24 Jan 2018

Whoops sorry this is the image

  martd7 15:37 24 Jan 2018

Tibo active speakers? In budget but you would need to buy a separate sub and wall brackets

click here

  wee eddie 16:21 24 Jan 2018

You'd be better off with headphones.

As an additional benefit ~ No-one will complain about how loud you have them.

  Inv3rtis 16:28 24 Jan 2018

Hah I already have headphones, just don't want to have to wear them literally all the time when doing anything that doesn't involve gaming.

  Menzie 13:39 03 Mar 2018

For "bass you can feel" Logitech Z625.

They are THX certified and pack a punch. However they go above £100 when not on sale.

  bumpkin 20:46 03 Mar 2018

Have a look at these click here I have found Creative good value.

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