Can anyone recommend a site for replacement hard drives for laptops?

  Repurr 07:01 02 Jul 2011


I'm looking for a replacement hard drive/s for my Toshiba Equim A100 - 027 as 70gb over 2 disks just doesn't cut it for me.

Does anyone know any good sites? I have tried Crucial but their SSD offering is not compatible.

Thanks for your help.


  chub_tor 08:21 02 Jul 2011

Your laptop uses a 2.5" SATA drive and any of these from ebuyer will fit. You mention SSD drives, any poarticular reason?

  onthelimit1 09:16 02 Jul 2011

'as 70gb over 2 disks'

What do you mean?

  Repurr 09:23 02 Jul 2011


Thanks for the posts.

2 disks x 35gb in answer to onthelimit1

SSD's thought it could be an option.


  johndrew 09:57 02 Jul 2011

SSDs could be fitted but are very expensive; they do have advantages such as speed and impact resistance though. As chub_tor says the 2.5" SATA drive is readily available at a decent price so fitting a substantially larger unit would be relatively cheap - less than half the price of a smaller SSD.

Make certain you have the facility to either clone or install an image of the current C: drive as starting from the manufacturers recovery CD will be very laborious with many updates.

  onthelimit1 17:31 02 Jul 2011

I still don't get it - as far as I can tell, your Tosh has a single HDD?

  Strawballs 19:29 02 Jul 2011

It is I imagine partitioned and poster thinks there is 2 as there is prob a C and D drive.

  onthelimit1 21:19 02 Jul 2011

Ah, that could explain it.

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