Can anyone recommend a QUIET inexpensive CPU fan?

  drpeppercan 16:08 23 Apr 2018

Hi all,

These are my specs: Micro ATX motherboard: MSI 760GMA-P34, CPU AMD Phenom II X3 710, 2.6 Ghz (triple core).

Thanks in advance guys!

  Menzie 23:50 23 Apr 2018

What kind of case do you have? Some coolers can be quite large.

  drpeppercan 21:21 24 Apr 2018

Is the size in between a micro ATX box and a large tower. So I guess is the most common tower size. But I have a motherboard for a micro ATX.

  Menzie 00:44 25 Apr 2018

Something like the Zalman CNPS5X or Noctua NH-L9A would be good quiet coolers.

Are you planning to overclock or will you be running at stock speeds?

  wee eddie 09:54 25 Apr 2018

Most fans are pretty quiet if they are not expected to work too hard.

If your current fans are working hard, it might make sense to find out why, before replacing them

  wiganken2 14:06 25 Apr 2018

Like wee eddie says find out why your CPU fan is working so hard. It may be that your PC is dusty inside so open it up and blow out the dust from all components using an air-duster. Ensure all vents are clear. To check your PC components health and temperatures install "Speccy" click here .

  wee eddie 14:15 25 Apr 2018

If you are cleaning.

Pay particular attention to the Heat Exchanger's Fins. If the air cannot pass freely between them, no fan on earth is going to keep your processor cool

  drpeppercan 14:46 25 Apr 2018

Thank you for sharing guys :)

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