Can anyone recommend a good genealogy programme?

  compumac 22:42 25 Mar 2005

I had a relative pass away recently and we have accumulated an enormous amount of photographs and other items which have created an interest within my family to research our ancestors. Can anyone out there recommend a computer programme for this purpose? Any pointers as to how to commence such an undertaking would be appreciated

  sattman 22:49 25 Mar 2005

You only need this one, it is shareware
click here

There are plenty books on the subject, or just type family history or genealogy into google.

  DieSse 22:51 25 Mar 2005

Take a look at the Genes United web site. I keep my family tree on there. It also has good links to other useful sites, and a free (basic) search link via

There is tons of info about how to research family trees on the web - just put genealogy or family tree into a google search, and you'll start finding it.

  Wak 10:52 26 Mar 2005

The Church of the Latter Day Saints have been doing Genealogy all over the world for donkeys years (long before computers) as part of their religion and have millions and millions of records stored on their servers.
They also FREELY supply an excellent program called Personal Ancestral File which will accept any kind of record including Photos, personal notes and sound files. It will accept records of over 50,000 individuals.
Go to click here for any help or instruction and to download the program (P.A.F. 5.0 I think).
If you have a L.D.S. centre in your area they will be only too willing to help you with your work and will never ram their religion down your throat, if you'll excuse the expression!
Also, most areas have a local Family History Society who will offer assistance.

  wobbly76 12:19 28 Mar 2005

Since I started doing my family history over the last six years I've tried about five different programmes, some were so unwieldy they were inpractical to use. The one I'm using at the moment is
Family Tree Maker 2005 which has proved the best for me, but it's all down to personal choice.

As has already been mentioned the LDS Church is great for research, you can get from them the 1881 Census for the all of England, Scotland and Wales at about thirty quid.

Then of course there's

click here

But don't make the mistake that so many do, and that is to go to Record Offices and collect every instance of a given surname and then go home and try to adopt them.

Join a Family History Society of the area you are interested in, they will give lots of help.

All good fun, lots of luck, wobbly76

  Wak 13:46 28 Mar 2005

Like you, I bought the 1881 Census from the LDS some time ago for £30.00 but now it can be searched FOR FREE on their site.

  wobbly76 16:12 28 Mar 2005


There you have it, just a word of warning though, you'll see plenty of offers for data cd's if you think you might buy, have a good look first, recently I saw a batch of about half a dozen one county on each about £27 I think but looking at exactly what was on offer the particular county I was interested in had only three parishes out of the forty two.

Have a look in Google for a family history forum.


  Border View 16:26 28 Mar 2005

Try here click here
Its a good site - lots of help and there is a page to tell you how to get started.

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