Can anyone recommend a good computer chair?

  Armchair 11:44 11 Aug 2007

I'm sick of this cheapo swivel chair. It offers almost no lumbar support, and my lower back is suffering (made worse by a recent lower back injury).

  skidzy 12:16 11 Aug 2007

" Can anyone recommend a good computer chair? "

How long is a piece of string ?

Seriously,you could spend a lot of money or around £50 for a half decent one.

What is your budget ?

A start for you click here

  Totally-braindead 12:23 11 Aug 2007

I actually bought mine from a local business that provides stuff to offices, furniture, filing cabinets. paper, invoices etc, and I have to say it was worth every penny. Very comfy. Can't tell you the make I'm afraid as I've had it too long but its a lot better than the sort of things they sell in the likes of Argos. It was about £90-100 I think and is leather, if I remember rightly the cloth covered version of a similar chair was about £60. It had a 3 year guarantee too but its quite a bit older than that now. Its on wheels and is height adjustable which is very important for comfort.
Thats what I'd do go to a local company that supplies office supplies and see what they use and get one of them, you'll find what they use is good without going beserk pricewise.

  Totally-braindead 12:24 11 Aug 2007

The reason I went to the local place was so I could try it first as the couple I had before I bought mail order, looked great in the picture but wasn't as good in the flesh.

  Pine Man 13:03 11 Aug 2007

Go into Staples and try them out.

  [email protected] 13:28 11 Aug 2007

i got mine from Staples superstore. they had about 50 to choose from from £10 to £1000 great choice. i have one made by a company called lane which is great once you learn that you can relax while at the pc (previously had a typist chair!)

  [email protected] 13:29 11 Aug 2007

sorry Pine Man took my post quarter of an hour to appear for some reason! great minds..........

  citadel 17:25 11 Aug 2007

look for one with wide enough armrests so that you can rest your forearm comfortably on.

  BT 08:22 12 Aug 2007

Get one where you can adjust the seat height, the back height and the back angle. Its also good if the back is sprung with a variable tension.

  Forum Editor 09:10 12 Aug 2007
  Pine Man 09:26 12 Aug 2007

The chair is very nice as well ;-)

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