Can anyone recommend an addon for firefox that protects against malicious javascript?

  theDarkness 14:38 13 Aug 2011

Can anyone recommend an addon for firefox that protects against malicious javascript? I can find a well recommended one by trend micro but unfortunately I think it only works with Internet Explorer. I have noticed there is Browser Protect 1.1.3 in the Firefox add-on list, but I would like to know from PC Advisor or anyone on here, if its trustworthy/just as good as a general guard against malicious java? When things do go wrong on occassion, Avira seems to warn me of being infected with generic malicious java in the browser or java cache (cant remember which) more often than any other kind of malware, and its impossible to tell if any of these warnings are the genuine article or not. thanks for any help!

  Pine Man 15:27 13 Aug 2011

Check out noscript and possibly yesscript.

  northumbria61 15:29 13 Aug 2011

This any good link text

  theDarkness 16:21 13 Aug 2011

thanks :) I did forget about "noscript", which asks if java on a webpage can be activated, although I dont think its able to detect known manipulative java. Since not all bad java is always going to be detected by any scan, perhaps trying to block against it is the better option, at least on sites you dont trust. Using a program such as Browser Protect that will try and work out if any java itself is questionable as it loads into your browser - I would have assumed most antivirus programs could do this, but since I usually only find bad files after a manual scan, perhaps this is only usually possible with paid for antivirus programs.

IE and Firefox are both used on this system. I would definately like a tool that could protect against java for all browsers-choosing either noscript to guard for all, or browser guard (ie) and browser protect (firefox) to detect bad java, seem like the best bet. Im not sure if running more than one of these tools in the background at once might cause any issues though.

I am just hoping that I dont have anything installed that is causing these detections/the downloading of manipulative java-but aside from trying to sandbox using my firewall or use the program 'sandboxie' every time anyone wants to browse on this system, to load websites in a protective environment, Im not sure what the best option would really be. Firefox is mainly used on this family system. I could just turn java off completely, as it seems to potentially cause more havoc than what its worth, and I would have thought it to be outdated by 2011 :) but its still used on many websites, especially for banking. Perhaps I am just worrying too much, since Avira does at least detect these manipulating java files in the cache after a quick scan, but I do seem to get alot of them. Who knows, perhaps all my avira java detections are false positives :) [crosses fingers] :) !!

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