Can anyone here debug Minidump files

  Zion_Lion 15:01 07 Jul 2005

Hi all... been having trouble with crashes when burning cd's, also been getting a serious error waring on start up saying that windows has recovered from a serious error.
So since I no nothing about programming I was wondering if anyone out there could read the minidump file created by this error. I also have a event viewer log.
Please see my other thread click here

Regards ZL

  howard60 20:40 07 Jul 2005

try looking in start - run - msconfig return and then the top right tab - startup. See if there is anything that refers to your scanner. If so take the tick out of the left hand box. Apply and restart, with luck message is then history. I always copy the files I want to burn to a separate folder on the hard drive and then use nero to write from that folder. This seems to overcome many other faults. Also try burning with the scanner not connected.

  Zion_Lion 22:51 07 Jul 2005

Hi howard60, thanks for reply... there seems to be no entries in start up to do with the scanner or in the registry, also the scanner is not connected to the pc and I seem to have managed to uninstall the drivers. But after removing the drivers I keep getting a (windows has recovered from a serious error) message.
Every time this happens it brings up an error in Event Viewer and creates a minidump file of the fault.
Now this has happened after the problem with burning cd's, and straight after removing the scanner drivers.
I dont know if these problems are related, but I would like to know (if possible) what this minidump file is saying.
I know I can restore or reformat but I want to see If with the help of others like you I can sort this out.

Regards ZL

  woodchip 23:01 07 Jul 2005

You need to delete the scanner and any relevant files you can find under scanner name

  Zion_Lion 23:59 07 Jul 2005

HI woodchip... I've done all that, but now I get this dam error message on start up, also pc still crashes when trying to burn a cd, when this happens the screen goes blank (as if it was switched off, but still on) and the cd drive stay's spinning at full speed and I have to restart.
The first time this happened I got the blue screen of death with a message stating windows has encountered a serious error and has had to close.
On restart most user account details were lost and had to do a system restore, thankfully the next few crashes trying to burn a cd were not as destructive.
As I have not burnt any cd's on this pc for a couple of months I dont know if this problem manifested itself before or after I loaded these dam scanner drivers. you know that feeling of... "I wish I never done that!"

  woodchip 00:10 08 Jul 2005

If it's looking for a file, error message. you will need to remove it from Regedit so post the message hear

  woodchip 00:12 08 Jul 2005

If it's looking for a file, error message. you will need to remove it from Regedit so post the message hear

  Zion_Lion 02:22 08 Jul 2005

The error message reads: Windows has recovered from a serious error.
When I click the (View Details) button I'm presented with a load of x00000x numbers, I'm not actually at said pc at the mo so I cant give you the actuall error code.
Also it gives you the option to view the files to be sent to microsoft which are two files in these locations:


Althogh I'm unable to find the second file and I've got the folder view optins set to show hidden files and so on.
So I realy need someone to degug or read the minidump file if possible, as this contains the info of the crash.

The problem I had removing the mustek scanner driver/program was, on clicking the unistall butto
I was presented with an error message saying unable to open Admnin.exe in C:\WINDOWS\temp\Admin.exe and aborts the uninstalation.
On doing a search I found this file in C:\Progam file\Mustek\Driver folder, so I copied it to the Windows\temp folder and tried again.
This time i was presented with a different file that could not be opened in the C:\WINDOWS\temp folder, so I copied all the files from the Mustek\Driver folder into the C:\WINDOWS\temp folder and every thing uninstalled as it should without a hitch, untill on restarting when I get this error message and I get it every time boot the pc.
I've serched the registry for anything to do with Mustek and I've used a windows clean up utility to get rid of all temp folder contence etc.

  howard60 08:59 08 Jul 2005

have you tried using system restore to go back to before you installed the scanner?

  Zion_Lion 11:54 08 Jul 2005

No I have not... I've only gone bk a week. the thing is, I installed the scanner drivers a few months ago and cant really remember when, it could have beem April or May and sys restore only goes bk to may.
Cant seem to find a specific check point to do with mustek.
So if the last check point didn't work I'd be stuffed as there's a program that we dont want to loose. But if noone can debug this minidump file and there are no other options then yes I will do this.

Now in Event Viewer I get this error:

Event Source: System Error Event Category: (102) Event ID: 1003 Date: 06/07/2005 Time: 17:36:34 User: N/A Computer: BRAINCHILD Description: Error code 1000008e, parameter1 c0000005, parameter2 bf876bed, parameter3 f47bd520, parameter4 00000000.

On this site click here
it say's this about the error code:

Error code 1000008e = "KERNEL_MODE_EXCEPTION_NOT_HANDLED_M" - Most of newsgroup comments about this error point to faulty hardware or drivers. The hardware varies from modems, video cards, USB device to memory or sound cards. Sometimes it proves to be hardware that it is not compatible with Windows XP. Q310740 gives an example of this error occuring when and old Audigy sound card driver is installed.

I dont know if its the cd drive thats faulty or if its anything to do with those scanner drivers, although I must say, I have just found out upon asking my other halfs daughter if she has experienced any problems with the cdrw, that when burning data files the pc would lock up and would only allow her to burn music files (strange).
Why she never mentioned this at the time I just dont know.

Regards ZL

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