Can anyone help to set up my new HDMI TV ?

  [email protected] 11:52 19 Aug 2007

... or redirect me to a forum that can please? I know this is a PC forum but you have helped in the past with TV setup probs!
I have a Samsung Flat screen LCD TV with 2 Scart and three HDMI connections.
a DVD Recorder with HDMI and scart connections
a Home theatre surround sound dvd player with scart connections and a sky plus box with scart connections.
I am a mass of wires and cables and am confused with this- if I connect the DVD-R using HMDI do I use av1 or AV2 (scarts) for the home theatre and the skybox?
A diagram would be best but I can't find one that works in the HDMI connection.
If you could help save my sanity I would be very grateful!!

  Pamy 12:41 19 Aug 2007
  tullie 12:59 19 Aug 2007

No booklet with tv?

  dfh 13:05 19 Aug 2007

does this site help at all click here

if not what about ttp://click here

  Technotiger 13:08 19 Aug 2007

I hope this link helps. You can email your questions also - see the email box top-right.

click here

  [email protected] 13:09 19 Aug 2007

Thank you all, there is a booklet with the tv but it doesn't really show setting up the system with other parts!
thanks will investigate immediately :)

  Miké 13:14 19 Aug 2007

Sky 'tv out scart' to tv's 'AV1 Scart'

DVD Recorder's Scart (AV2) to Sky box's Vcr scart.

Then dvd's HDMI to TV's HDMI 1.

You will also need to set the dvd's upscaling to 1080i or 1080p.

Also set the Sky output to 16:9 RGB.

  [email protected] 14:51 19 Aug 2007

Thanks- have connected it up but the picture isn't brilliant at the moment- there are so many settings to sort out :(

  [email protected] 15:34 19 Aug 2007

When I set the skybox to RGB out put everything goes green- any suggestions where I am going wrong? Thanks!

  Border View 16:55 11 Feb 2008

Hi Debe - wondered if you ever got sorted out? Do you have any problems with compatibility between Sky HD and Samsung TV?

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