can anyone help please

  rick1257 10:52 24 Mar 2010

hi all
on issue 174 jan 2010 the mag came with a few disc all of them were great and alot of help but the one i am having a problem with is the file recover 7.5
it did what it said and recovered some photos my daughter had deleted but saved hem as frd files and i cant find a programe that will let me view the files in this frmat is there anyone that can help me please
im running windows 7 and need help please????

  MAT ALAN 11:32 24 Mar 2010

click here
you sure they are FRD files..

FRD = Need for Speed Trk2000 Track File

  rick1257 11:45 24 Mar 2010

yes it has recvered all the photos as FRD files
and i can not open them and have no idea how to ?????
any ideas

  audeal 11:47 24 Mar 2010

I have never come across this format before, but you could try making a copy of the file then, using the copy, change the extention (.FRD) to jpg and try to open it then.

It probably will not work but worth a try.

  rick1257 11:54 24 Mar 2010

the recovered file is called deleted jpg picture2.jpg
but under file type it has FRD file
and im unsure how i can change tghe file type????
any ideas are welcome

  MAT ALAN 12:05 24 Mar 2010

Don't think you can change this file type, you will need a stand alone viewer or the prog that creates them...
best thing to do is use another recovery tool that recovers you pics to some thing more user friendly...

  Technotiger 13:15 24 Mar 2010

Use this little gem to recover the photos click here

  win2010 16:01 15 Jul 2010

I clicked on the link suggested .But it does not open for me.I have a doc in frd format.Can you suggest how do I convert it into doc format?

  Simsy 16:12 15 Jul 2010

from what you say;

"the recovered file is called deleted jpg picture2.jpg
but under file type it has FRD file"

That the file has recoverd ok... it's just that the association has changed...

Try RIGHT clicking on one of the files, choose "Open with" then "Choose Programme"...navigate to whatever you want to use to view them, tick the "always use this progamme" box, and see if that works.

As ever, apologies if I'm barking up the wrong tree!!



  Simsy 16:15 15 Jul 2010

.jpg files on MY computer are listed as "Paint Shop Pro" files, becasue that is the default prog to open them....

There are however .jpg files and any prog that will open a .jpg file will open them; it doesn't have to be paint shop pro.

Does that help at all?



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