Can anyone help with over heating graphics card?

  Trisco 17:01 05 Apr 2003

I have a leadtek Gf4-Ti4200 128Mb, anytime I go to play a new(ish) game the system crashes or the card closes down(handy little Led's on card)I have got myself a case fan along with and exhaust blower, but to no avail...

should I maybe get another fan for an air intake?

or does anyone know of another exhaust that I could get that might fit the card a little better - the one I have is not long enough in that the extractor fan is only barely covering the Graphics card fan

I have managed to find some other heat sinks or water cooled solutions - but do I really need to spend more than the price of the card in order to use it??

Even on the lowest setting in C&C generals it with crash out after a while...


I would be grateful to any help/ideas that anyone might have - thank you - in advance!

  -pops- 17:06 05 Apr 2003

I think your first line of enquiry should be directed towards the manufacturer. If this is a known phenomenon they should have a remedy. If it is new, they would wish to know about it to enable them to either fix it or investigate why yours is doing this and not others. It may be that your card is faulty, in which case they will, no doubt, replace it.


  DieSse 17:06 05 Apr 2003

Any cards underneath the graphics card, move as far down as possible, is my first suggestion.

You say the card is "closing down" and you can tell from the LEDS - what exactly does the manula sya the LDEs are indicating?

Can you see if the fan on the card is definately working?

  flecc 17:10 05 Apr 2003

Are you sure that you have this set up right?

I might be misunderstanding you, but if the graphics card fan is blowing air onto the surface of the chip, an extractor fan almost covering that sounds as though it's opposing the card's fan and pulling the air back.

I've generally found it more important to pump cool air into the case than extract it. If you force it in, it will find a way out, and it's a surer way of providing cool air where it's needed.

  Gaz W 17:13 05 Apr 2003

The PCI slot next to the AGP slot is usually far too close - motherboard manufacturers should leave a gap of at least one expansion slot to allow for cooling. Like DieSse says, if there is anything directly below it (e.g. sound card), try moving it elsewhere if possible.

  Paranoid Android 17:27 05 Apr 2003

I agree with Flecc - lose the exhaust blower. You want as much free air space around your graphics card as possible. If you still need more cooling I recommend changing over to a solid copper heatsink click here

These are very easy to fit and work well.


  Trisco 14:40 06 Apr 2003

Well I have tried to contact the leadtek european site on about 3 or four occasions, it is based in the netherlands although there is a uk branch of the site it directs you to the netherlands section in order to contact them - maybe all the english speaking folk are on holiday or something, as I have yet to get a reply. I have however contacted the USA site as they can almost speak english... did that a day or two ago and still await a reply from them also.

The cards are right down, and only the minimum amount are in there,ethenet and sound card,that leaves three PCI slots (the middle was where I had the Exhaust - now removed)

There was nothing in the manual about the LED's so I had a look on the card,one for power,second for AGP8X enable and the third for error - I saw this come on once when I had the side of the case off...

yes the fan on the card is working

I guess I must have been losing sight of what the fan on the card was trying to do as I have been trying for so long to get it working!

I have now however turned the case fan around so that it is sucking air into the case, I will get back to u and let u all know how I get on.If I still have no joy then I will definitaly consider getting the above mentioned copper heatsink...

Thanks all once again for your help/advice

  Trisco 13:07 07 Apr 2003

I have managed to play a game for a little over an hour,on the lowest setting.

So I have now ordered the above mentioned copper heatsink+fan,I eagerly await it's arival

I have still yet to hear from either the european or US customer support, so that goes to show that they take their customers seriously,I haven't so much as recived an automated reply! Guess that they don't wanna know now that they have my money.

Well I guess I will be looking at another supplier should I or any friends or family want me to chuck a system together for them ! lol

hopefully in the next few days I will be on my merry way playing my as yet unused games !

  Trisco 18:26 11 Apr 2003

Despite getting nowhere with my new copper cooler and still not being able to get a response from leadtek themselves I decided to try Dabs, I got a reply the same day with a RMA no. and details on a courier coming to get the card from me and then they would forward it on to leadtek for repair/replacement....

Thats the way to run a bussiness - I think Leadtek should take a leaf out of dabs book - mind you any amount support from them would have been nice !

but hey ho - lets see what happens next !

  Paranoid Android 20:41 11 Apr 2003

While you are waiting for the replacement card it might be an idea to get to grips with your chassis cooling, it sounds as if all might not be well.

Take a look at the AMD chassis cooling guide click here

Generally speaking you draw cool air in bottom front and exhaust it at top back, near the processor, assisted by the PSU fan. The idea is to set up a smooth flow of air assisted by natural convection.

I find that on most cases the ventilation grille holes are pathetic and I open them out to full diameter with a tank cutter, then fit a chrome grille.


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