Can anyone help me with this Mail sending error ?

  gazmix 19:31 26 Jul 2008

Hi, i get the following error when trying to send mail from my Outlook Express.. I've managed to send a mail to myself though!!

An unknown error has occurred. Subject ' ', Account: '', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Server Response: '550 Error: Message content rejected aeb18d4cda9ec71568544816931cf2c5>', Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Server Error: 550, Error Number: 0x800CCC69

Many thanks


  gazmix 22:29 26 Jul 2008

No attachment, just a link in the 'contact us' part of the web page that brings up my email box, i write, click send & then the green 'sending in progress' progression bar arrives & 3 quarters of the way through, it quits & i get the above message in the sending box!

Marg7, do you mean i need to ask my isp if i can send mail to that address! The address is a medical organisation so i'm sure it's valid & ok!

As i say, other mails i send seem to work ok, maybe it is a temp error!!


  gazmix 23:36 26 Jul 2008

Hi all
Yes skidzy, i been with wannadoo too & freeserve. Erm, not disabled firewall as all was ok with other mails i sent before!!. Could it be a firewall prob if i can send mails to myself & links to other pages!!E.g, if i right click this page & send link, all is ok! I use Firefox

Do you mean when i right click on the firewall's icon in taskbar & Exit? Maybe i'd need Windows firewall to replace for a time? But is this necessary if i can send myself a mail??

It was a 'contact us' link that brought the OE open to write the message. It was a [email protected], .com & was only a fiew words of a query i wrote!!


  gazmix 13:35 30 Jul 2008

Hi, this 'my server requires authentication' box is unchecked.

I seem to be able to send mail via Outlook Express 6 to myself & others, is it that the mail i was sending that gave the error was the problem.
How come i can send mail ok to most place, but not this one!!

Some page links i send, this happens a lot!!


  BurrWalnut 18:54 30 Jul 2008

This type of error is sometimes caused by corruption to your Outbox. No harm will be caused if it doesn't cure the problem

Using Explorer navigate to your store folder which, if you haven't moved it, is located at C:\Documents and Settings\{user name}\Local Settings\Application Data\Identities\{long name}\Microsoft\Outlook Express and delete Outbox.dbx.

You may have to show 'hidden' files in Folder Options to see it. Open Outlook Express and a new, empty Outbox will be created by Windows.

  gazmix 13:46 31 Jul 2008

Skidzy, i can send a mail from my webmail address to my Outlook Express address )same address.

My Outbox is empty Burr Walnut.
When i get to c:/documents & settings, i then get administrator & all users, not what you wrote.
I click on administrator & then get some folders with strange number & letters for names. Can't fing application data or identities anywhere!!

It seems my OE won't send to that address, webmail does!! But seems just certain addresses!

  BurrWalnut 15:21 31 Jul 2008

As I said above you may have to show hidden files and folders, via Control Panel > Folder Options.

  gazmix 20:22 31 Jul 2008

Hi,ok i did this, after application data, i get 'microsoft' & then 'media player' & 'windows media', no outlook express


  gazmix 00:40 02 Aug 2008

& what does that do??, remember i'm not an expert!! I had this again tonight when i tried to send a link page in firefox to myself! It worked ok copying & pasting the link into a mail, but not forwarding the link via browser!

  gazmix 19:24 03 Aug 2008

There never seems to be any set rules for this happening! Sometimes when i right click on a webpage & click 'send link' & i send it, it happens, other times it doesn't!

Where is the format menu Marg7, & yeh, Orange are very poor & unhelpful. I may as well be talking to someone who can't understand English! Come to think of it! I do, when i rarely call them!

Although this tends to happen most when i send a link, it also happened in this 1 email of late that i sent! Maybe it was the recipients settings that thought i was spam, but i guess not as i sent it from my hotmail ok! I guess i also could send it from my Orange webmail, so i guess its an OE6 issue!


  gazmix 19:40 04 Aug 2008

Thanks, i get it now, i'll try & do this although it is diffucult as i don't want to send another mail to the people i did originally!!
What does this change in the way my mail looks?, it will be without Html, i'm not sure what this means!! Thanks


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