Can anyone help me???

  lpatch 14:31 06 Apr 2007

Ive had a problem with my PC thats become more and more persistant with my PC over the last few weeks.
Baisically every single time i play a game the PC just turns off without shutting down or anything, just dies.
This ONLY happens in game, i can leave it on for hours and it'll be fine. Also, it doesnt always happen straight away, sometimes theres 5 minutes until it turns off and other times it can be about an hour, so it varies.
Ive run virus checks with two programs and its completely clean, and all the fans seem to be working fine from what i can see. At one point I thought it may be a problem with the drivers, but its the same problem with every single game!

Anyway, any help would be very much apprechiated.
Thanks, lpatch

  insyder 14:34 06 Apr 2007

Download MEMTEST86+ Burn it to CD or on a floppy and test your Memory. Try downloading the eval version of BURNIN TEST and STRESS test your Video card. Might help you diagnose further.

  skidzy 14:43 06 Apr 2007

" Ive run virus checks with two programs and its completely clean "

If you have 2 antivirus programs installed,you will receive conflicts.Uninstall one of them.

Also check for any dust gathering around the fans,you will need to go inside the tower.

Check any graphics cards are securely seated.

  Kate B 15:20 06 Apr 2007

Overheating? If the GPU is blasting away and things are getting hot in the case, that would cause a shutdown.

  Totally-braindead 15:26 06 Apr 2007

I would think as Kate B and skidzy has said the most likely problem is overheating.
If it runs fine and only fails when you play a game then either the graphics card is overheating, ie its fan isn't working or its getting hot enough to cause the rest of the PC to get too hot and the computer is shutting itself down to prevent damage. If this is happenning then perhaps the case fan has failed allowing the hot air to stay in the case till it overheats.
Open the case and switch on. Check the graphics card and the processor fans are spinning and check the case fans are spinning as well.

  lpatch 15:28 06 Apr 2007

I just had a look inside the PC and a lot of dust had gathered around the fans, so i got as much out as I could manage.
I hooked everything up again but when i restarted it just died straight away, within a second of restarting
so i kept trying over and over again and everytime it just turned off straight away. Eventually, however it loaded up after about (literally!) 30-40 tries, but as windows booted up it made a very loud humming sound, that diddnt seem like a good thing.
Anyway now it seems to be running fine again, and has gone quiet as usual. I havnt tried any games yet, but since i had the problems starting it up id imagine its just gonna turn off again.

Anyone know whats going on?

  Totally-braindead 15:29 06 Apr 2007

And next time could you please use a title that helps others see what the problem is. Something like PC shutting down randomly or PC switches itself off or something that describes the problem rather than help.
It helps later on when someone has the same problem and is searching the old threads for a solution.
EG click here see what I mean.

  bof:) 15:29 06 Apr 2007

also re overheating try running pc with the case side off and an electric fan blowing into the case if you can.

  Totally-braindead 16:46 06 Apr 2007

Regarding the running with the sides off if it is overheating and using a seperate fan, that may help perhaps in the short term but PCs are designed to be cooled using a throughput of air IE cool air comes in the front flows over the warm components, heats up as it takes the heat away from the components and is expelled out the back.
Running with the case sides off may in fact make things hotter as you disrupt the airflow, though a seperate fan may help, in the short term at least.

What I am getting at really is, if it is overheating that is causing this problem and it is one of the fans its important to use it as little as possible till its fixed. Running all the time with the case sides off is not a good idea. Not withstanding the overheating issue if you have a furry friend in the house the heat will attract it and no one wants to see a fried cat. Well I don't anyway.
Hopefully it will be a case fan problem in which case they are inexpensive to replace.

  [email protected] 17:27 06 Apr 2007

mine used to shut down when playing games, became more frequent, turned out my psu was struggling then died! another possibility

  p;3 17:42 06 Apr 2007

where have you got the tower situated?

and as previously asked; how many antivirus porgrams have you got on there?

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