Can anyone help on a file viewing issue

  shreked 12:40 19 Jul 2018


Donno even know if this can be done but will give it a try. I have a subfolder that is 7zipped and has a auto extract to C:\DOWNLOADS

I extract OK and open the folder and launch the app .

What im trying to do is when the app is closed can I somehow get the subfolder to delete and all its data inside it too?


  Taff™ 18:27 19 Jul 2018

Maybe I'm missing something but unzip the folder to it's own folder in Downloads.

Delete the ZIP File. Delete the sub-Folder.

Re-zip it without that sub-Folder

  shreked 20:56 19 Jul 2018

90% there.. Yes unzip the folder to its own folder in downloads thats correct

Then the UNZIPPED folder when the person has opened the folder and finished using it delete the folder or if I cant do that automatically delete the unzipped folder after 3 hours of opening.

Im trying to not have loads of unzipped folders left in C:\DOWNLOADS and need them deleting either after 3 hrs of opening or when person closes the program that was opened in the folder concerned.

  Taff™ 08:39 20 Jul 2018

Not sure if that can be automated.

Is this on a network share or is it just you working on the files?

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