Can Anyone help a bit of a dumb ass?

  andie53 15:49 11 Dec 2006

Hoping some kind person out there can help. I'm studying a HNC in computing at college, and have a unit called computer platforms, i dont get it at all. I have an assignment in which i am about to fail, i was wondering if any of you people that know about computers may have a look and maybe give me a little help. Heres is my scenario

"You have been asked to produce a commercial magazine article on how to select a suitable computer system for given tasks. The tasks are General Office Work and Accounts, Web Design and Games Development. The article should discuss in general the factors that affect a computers performance and then suggest suitable machine specifications for each task. You are not required to cost the systems but a price range should be suggested. For the purpose of the article a computer system is the base unit and any peripherals that are required to perform the specified tasks i.e. monitor, keyboard, mouse etc. The article should be no longer than 1500 words."

I dont even know where to start, any help would be gratefully recieved

Many Thanks

  brundle 16:02 11 Dec 2006

You can get an idea of suitable systems by speccing one up at for example - gives you a starting point at least. Even if you can't specifically quote prices/specifications from a site.
Office work would be a low spec system, budget Sempron with 512mb ram, 80gb HD for example, laser printer - , Web Development 1024mb, decent size HD (160gb+), games development, loads of memory, big HD, good 3d graphics and perhaps dual monitors.The latter could apply to the web development PC too.
Take a look at some specialist sites and see what systems they aim at particular kinds of here for example

Just my 2 bob

  john-232317 16:07 11 Dec 2006

Go into pc world or somewhere similar, pick up an accounting software box and read the minimum requirements of the PC to run the program. This will give you the lowest specs of the PC needed, do the same with the web design and games writing software. This will give you a start on what is needed to run the programs and elaborate from there. I think they will all need plenty of memory, big hard drives and decent graphics cards. Use google for ads for PC`s to fit the requirements, and get the NHC made out in my name ;-)

  Kate B 16:16 11 Dec 2006

Crikey, it doesn't say much for the quality of the teaching on your course if you're so at a loss with something pretty straightforward.

  sean-278262 16:24 11 Dec 2006

Introduction - Discuss the basics of a computer and how u plan to explain the workings and suggest parts.

Main content

- ready built
- Built to order/selfbuild
- Discuss the parts from the top, ram, hard drive, cpus etc compare parts and prices and get some reviews from websites as references. click here is a good place to go as is ebuyer.
- Ram
- hard drive
- motherboard
- Cooling
- Screen
- other parts

Discuss some history behind the parts in a computer.

Discuss the essential need of cooling and the types

Discuss the important needs of the consumer in each area and then suggest ways to cut corners on cost.

Conclude the essay.

Some tips
- Go CRT follow up with a suggestion that they may get a tft in the future where needs arise but that CRTs have a better palate
- Dont buy budget as it dates too quick but dont go all out as it costs too much and outdates also so mention cost to use ratios.

Would happily trade my 2000 word essay on trace evidence if you like :P

  spuds 23:48 11 Dec 2006
  p;3 00:07 12 Dec 2006

apart from your request for help here you have the same /similar thread of yours in web design section
click here

one in absolute beginers section

click here

that makes three; maybe another i have not yet located; perhaps it might be a better idea to have only one thread and, perhaps in the absolute beginners section as, by your own admision you have no idea of what you are up to

did you have any teaching on this originally?

as Kate B says on one of the threads, are you asking for your homework to be done for you;

if you are doing an HNC , do you have the background knowledge and accademic ability for it?

and normal forum etiquette really requires just ONE thread in the most appropriate section according to the member's prior ( or lack of ) knowldege on the topic in question and an appropriate title ; have you read the forum guidelines?
pdf link to them here

click here

thre is a lot of valuable and useful info in them to help you to get the best from this forum and how to seek for appropriate help

  GANDALF <|:-)> 00:15 12 Dec 2006

Okay I'll say it....I cannot believe that anyone on an HNC course would have so little understanding of a VERY simple question and if I were you I would seriously consider that I might have made an elementary error in my choice of course. This is really very basic computing. Even more worringly the information can be found in just a few mouse clicks using teh Google engine. The answer is far removed from rocket science and I have the feeling that you are incredibly lazy or that computing will remain shrouded in mystery for you.

What are the requirements to join an HNC computing course or am I being a tad harsh?


  skidzy 00:20 12 Dec 2006

Maybe part of the course is exactly this thread,to create computer user's feedback.

You know what Andie,first tip...Google is a very powerful search engine !

  Vangeliska 00:24 12 Dec 2006

When is someone going to post a question about Rocket Science for G and Alf to answer?

  hzhzhzhz 00:25 12 Dec 2006

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