can anyone help with 3ds Max?

  [DELETED] 12:16 02 Oct 2003

Hi I am runninga 3d program 3ds Max 5 on a brand new(4 day old) P4 Dell 3800 - 3GH, 1gig 400 fast Ram, Radion 9800 pro GC - thing is - Max will not run very well at all. Every time I load up Max,( and, say for example, I minmise Max) other PC programs really slow down to the point of not working - eg media player will not play video - play back becomes jerky and sticks. There is a massive delay between clicking on and activating icons, the PC won't shut down automatically I have to close it using power button- the problem isn't there if I don't run Max or after I have shut down the PC and reboot without using Max. Also max itself keeps on locking up and failing to work properly. I never had this problem with Max 5 on my old Pc (an Athlon 1600, running 512 mb of normal Ram). I am gutted as I bought the PC primerily to model/render etc. I am stuck. ANyone offer any help?

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