Can anyone give me a link

  Southernboy 13:36 04 Feb 2005

to that part of the MS site where it lists software programs that are fully compatible with Windows XP?

  ACOLYTE 13:38 04 Feb 2005

Goto windows update site from the link on your pc
or click here

click here

  Southernboy 13:44 04 Feb 2005

How do I find a list of programs that are compatible?

  ACOLYTE 13:46 04 Feb 2005

If you click my first link the programs you need if any will be shown it scans your system and tells you what you need.You may need to install the active x control if it pops up first.

  ACOLYTE 13:54 04 Feb 2005

I should say that it usually only puts security and critical updates on the install list,to install theses click the install button on the top right,you can also look in the column on the left for more updates that are optional downloads,this means you dont need to install them unless you wont to.

  Southernboy 13:55 04 Feb 2005

This is not my computer. My PC has no internet connection - this is a public library PC.

  Southernboy 13:58 04 Feb 2005

I currently use on W98SE (on my home PC - not this one) will work fully on Windows XP when I buy a new PC.

I need to be able to persue a listing.

  bobbyburtie 13:58 04 Feb 2005

Is this link any good? click here

  ACOLYTE 14:00 04 Feb 2005

You cant search on a public pc the option will most probably be turned off,and it wouldnt help you on your pc as the scan is pc specific to the software om your pc,oly the critical and security ones would apply to you,click here

will take you to the download center,the links will tell you what OS they are for.

  Stuartli 14:02 04 Feb 2005

XP has its own Program Compatibility Wizard, reached from Accessories, if this is of any help.

However, I've yet to find any of my earlier programs that don't run on XP.

  ACOLYTE 14:05 04 Feb 2005

click here

click here

but i dont think you will no this till you try to use them,most hardware should be supported out of the box and most firms have xp drivers to download in case it doesnt,but if its a new pc you shouldnt have any problems.

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