Can anyone explain fuzzy text?

  Ellen G 18:42 11 May 2004

I've posted before. I have a visual disability and need sharp images.

I have just bought a Dell latitude 600, which was recommended by two of their sales people as having the right resolution for me (XGA). It's a 14" screen (like my last laptop). The text on my last laptop was very sharp and clear. Very easy on the eyes so no eyestrain for hours. To my horror, the text on the new laptop, e.g. on this site as I type, is quite unclear. The letters are thinner. It has strained my eyes within a very short time.

Other images are fine. I've tried different fonts but there are disadvantages, as well as advantages.

Are screens so variable? Would a 15" screen have made a difference. Do I need a different type of LCD screen?

(Before you ask, it's difficult to see how text will look online, as on this site or Hotmail, while browsing in Dixons or Comet. The Windows icons on all of them look fine. They look fine on this computer too. Just text online does not (have not installed Word yet). I'm using the same version of IE, so that didn't make a difference. It was an unpleasant surprise.

  VoG II 18:44 11 May 2004

Have you tried ClearType click here

  Djohn 18:49 11 May 2004

Also make sure you have the correct resolution of 1024x768 set for the screen. Any smaller than this IE: 800x600 will give a fuzzy text. j.

  Ellen G 18:57 11 May 2004

Yes, I'm using the right resolution.

I didn't know about Clear Type. Will try tomorrow. (Didn't need it on previous laptops though).

What a difference a screen makes!


  Djohn 20:24 11 May 2004

Yes, VoG's link is a good one you have six options to choose from and it really does make a difference. Try each one and use for a while until you find which suites best.

If you right click on your descktop, choose properties from the drop-down menu then appearance tab. Look to the box near the bottom of the window and it should say "Normal" under Font size. If it is set at large this also may cause the slight fuzzy edge on your text.

Regarding the displays in stores as you mention, for some reason they tend to set them to a lower resolution to make the Icons look bigger. This is fine for Icons and other desktop displays but this will not work with text. I have a 17" TFT monitor 1280x1024 and the display is superb with razor sharp text, [Using clear type] but the text in forums is on the small size.

I have tried a couple of browsers where you can increase the percentage size of text but this also cause it to lose "That edge"

I popped into Staples the other day to look at a Samsung 19" TFT also 1280x1024 this made all the Icons much easier to see and I was tempted to buy but asked for "Word" to be brought up on screen, just to check. I was very disappointed at how the text had lost it's sharpness with a slight hazing round the edge, so although it was a couple of points larger it was far more tiring to the eye. j.

  end 20:49 11 May 2004

???correct me if I am wrong, but there SHOULD be,in windows set up(via control pannel) a section called "accessability" (or something like that), which should allow for various options .....

  Djohn 21:02 11 May 2004

Yep! there are many options to choose from in XP that will alter the size of the Icons or text either individually or both together. This is one of the slight drawbacks of a TFT though. It will always look better/sharper/crisper at it's native resolution. Once you move away from this the display will suffer slightly. Some people can live with this but others will find it impossible. :o(

  end 21:04 11 May 2004

Hi; yes, I actually tried in "by mistake" once and....!!!!!!very RAPIDLY changed BACK!!!!!!

  johnnyrocker 21:13 11 May 2004

doesn't seem to allow for font size which i struggle with in hotmail despite having text size set to largest in view/text settings.


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